The best Mercury online casinos: now play the popular slots for real money!

You can now also play the popular slot machines like Eye of Horus or Triple Chance online. So that you can just get started, I have tested internet game stores for you that offer their games in USA. I have the top providers in mine List of best Mercury casinos summarized. You will also find information on my page:

You can jump directly on the topic that you are most interested in. You will then find everything important about the bonus offers, the real money games for mobile devices and the PayPal provider. I also provided a large selection of Mercury for non -binding trying out, which you can test here for free.

Especially for those of you who have had no experience with games of chance online, I have also paid particular attention to the security and seriousness of the Mercury casinos recommended here. I will show you on my side how you can see casino providers where you can Certainly play for real money can.

The list of my best Merkur casinos for players in USA

The official partners of Gauselmann recommended by me here have prevailed in my comparison. In order to receive a good rating, not only the pure number of Merkur online slot machines was decisive. It is also important that a casino provider has presented itself as balanced in points such as the bonus, mobile casino, customer service and payout rates.

top CasinoWelcome bonusPayout rateSoftware fromTest resultTo the casino side
bis 1.850$ + 500 free spins95,00%Microgaming
5,00/5 overall rating
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1.650$ + 300 free spins96,00%Play'n GO
4,90/5 overall rating
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100% up to 100$ *96,00%NetEnt
4,80/5 overall rating
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1.000$ * + 125 free spins97,00%Microgaming
4,60/5 overall rating
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1.000$ + 175 free spins97,89%NetEnt
4,60/5 overall rating
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100% up to 500$ * + 100 free spins96,00%Microgaming
4,50/5 overall rating
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120$ + 120 free spins96,00%Microgaming
4,50/5 overall rating
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1.000$ + 170 Cash-Spins96,00%Microgaming
4,40/5 overall rating
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200$ + 50 free spins96,00%NetEnt
4,40/5 overall rating
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1.000$ 96,00%Play'n GO
4,30/5 overall rating
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* 18+. Terms and conditions apply. Responsible playing. gambling therapy.org Last update: August 2023 from Peter Brandt

In order to be taken into account for my test, all casinos had to be able to show a valid happiness of an EU member country. This is the basis that enables a fair and serious gambling for real money. Therefore, all casinos presented on my website are Equipped with the official licenses from Malta and Gibraltar. You can find more information about the lucky gambling licenses below on this page.

I then took a close look at the providers and tested on the basis of my experience. In my opinion, the following criteria are particularly important in order to ensure both beginners and advanced players over the event of a variety of time and fun in the game.

My criteria for good Merkur online casinos

If you click on one of the points, you can jump directly on this topic. There I then describe what is meant by these characteristics. I think that my explanations will not only justify you my choice, but also create a good basis for starting in the online game pleasure for beginners.

Particularly high payout rates and independently confirmed fairness!

In a good Merkur Online Casino you will be able to play the well -known machines with a much more beneficial payout rate than in the game library. So the players get a larger part of their missions back on average. Casino providers on the Internet have significantly lower costs compared to the American arcade operators and have to pay fewer taxes. The house advantage on the slot machines is therefore lower on the network or the payout rate is higher. And the American legislature also ensures a comparatively low payout rate in the offline. The official game regulation does not specify a minimum payout rate for slot machines. It is only mentioned that The minimum payment in practice is well over 60%.

In contrast, the slot machines on the network usually have a payout rate of well over 90%. In order to see how high the quota of a slot actually is, the RTP value will find value in the respective game instructions. RTP is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player (“Back around player”). To illustrate the values you can count on, I give you some of the popular Merkur games as an example.

The payout rate of selected Merkur online slots
Payout rate: 96,00%
Payout rate: 96,31%
Payout rate: 95,65%
Payout rate: 96,40%
Payout rate: 96,00%
Payout rate: 96,12%
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But how can you be sure that this is serious information? First of all, the RTP is a theoretical average, which in reality is only reached over a few hundreds of thousands of turns. The random generator and the so -called variance are important. The random generator is responsible for the fact that really unpredictable results are produced. And in addition, every slot machine has its own very complex algorithm, which also affects the distributions. There are therefore machines that pay small profits more often, while others are less common, but spit out larger amounts. In this context, one speaks of the variance or volatility. A player alone cannot check whether the game results are really fair and therefore within the framework of the given payment rate. Therefore, the casinos with the license requirements are obliged to have the results of independent institutions recognized by the authorities. I listed four of the best -known test laboratories here.

  • ecograppp
    eCommerce Online Gaming
    Regulation and Assurance
    London, UK
  • itechlabs
    iTech labs
    Melbourne, Australia
  • THE
    Gaming Laboratory International
    New Jersey, USA
    Of Xbiex, Malta

If you find the certificates of these companies on the website of a Merkur online casino, you can be sure that the payout rate is moving as part of the specified values. Because with the computing power that is available to these laboratories, it is possible to simulate many millions of game rounds. Irregularities would inevitably be exposed. You can find more information about the topic On my page about payout rates of online slot machines.

You can also play the popular slots on mobile devices for real money

As you have certainly noticed, the Stores from Apple and Google do not offer real Merkur Casino apps for download. The applications that you can find on iTunes and Google Play are either play money apps or programs in which you pay real money for the games – but then no real profits are paid out! Here you will find the right Merkur online casino real money providers, where you can play the sun games on the go. Downloading an app is not necessary for this. You can simply start the Merkur games directly in the browser of your smartphones or tablets.

The best Mercury Casino for all mobile devices
  • 1500+ Mobile slot machines
  • Without download for iOS & Android
  • 50$ Welcome bonus
. And play on the way! >

If you call up the casino page with the browser of your mobile device, the version optimized for touchscreens is automatically loaded. So you can then use all functions and offers of the casinos on Android mobile devices as well as on the iPad and iPhone. Of course, this includes the welcome bonus as well as the deposits and withdrawals. Just don’t be surprised that the game selection is a little smaller compared to the desktop PC. The latest and most popular Merkur slots are definitely in the selection of the mobile Casinos.

There are particularly good Merkur Casino bonus offers here

In contrast to an offline game library, you will be welcomed on the Internet with a bonus for new customers. You can use this starting credit to go hunting for main winnings with a larger budget. My recommended Merkur Casinos are also characterized by the fact that they are their visitors High bonuses with good conditions to offer.

The bonus offers of my best Mercury Casinos in comparison

There are different types of bonus offers. I differentiate between the welcome bonus and a bonus package. You will receive the first bonus on the first deposit. Depending on the casino, you get Between 50% and 200% surcharge to your paid amount. In the case of a package, however, you will receive the maximum bonus amount distributed over several deposits. In addition, there can also be free spins and free starting credit among the casino providers.

It is not uncommon for a Merkur online casino to provide you with different welcome bonuses with different properties. If you have chosen a suitable offer, you can select the corresponding bonus the first time you deposit. To do this, the casino usually gives you a bonus code, which you simply enter during the deposit process.

The bonus credit is then first stored in a separate account. You can use it as a game, but you cannot have it paid out directly. Only if the bonus has been released under the conditions based on it can you transfer the credit and the winnings made to your regular playback account. From there you can also have the money paid out. The actual strengths and weaknesses of a bonus are therefore only evident when viewing the conditions more closely. It is important to know them before taking a bonus. The offers differ mainly in three points. The sales condition, the period and the weighting of the operations.

The bonus conditions of my top providers
Casino Bonus action conditions
Push 100% bonus up to 50$ Activate: Without time restriction after a minimum deposit of $ 20
Free play: Implement the bonus amount 30 times within 30 days of credit
Mr. Bit 100% bonus up to 300$ Activate: Without time restriction after a minimum deposit of $ 10
Free play: Implement the bonus amount 25 times within 40 days of credit
Frank Casino 100% bonus up to 750$ Activate: Without time restriction after a minimum deposit of $ 10
Free play: Implement the bonus amount 35 times within 30 days of credit

The sales condition indicates how often you must have used the preserved bonus amount – sometimes the sum from the bonus and your deposit – in real money games. The period indicates how many days are available. The weighting of the operations means that the placed game inserts contribute more or less to the sales conditions depending on the risk. While operations on slot machines are actually always 100% counted, they contribute less at table games. Between 10% and 25% are common in games such as roulette and blackjack. In some cases, the missions of the table games do not contribute to the free play of a bonus. The best Merkur Casino Bonus offers are characterized Fair and transparent conditions.

You can play all known slot machines from Merkur online

The time in which Merkur game stores could only play offline are over. For a few years now, Gauselmann has been providing the machines on the Internet with his partners. In the meantime there are almost all popular titles on the net and new slots are added in a short episode. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the option of being able to try these games free of charge. Of course, this includes the absolute top games of the American gaming provider with the sun. The following slots are undoubtedly one of the most popular in USA.

Play for free!

  • Eye Of Horus
  • Dragon’s Treasure
  • Bullfighter
  • Joker’s Cap
  • King of Luck
  • Blazing Star
  • Winstar

In addition to this first guard, I also tested many other slots of the developer for you and provided as free games. If you click on one of the games that have aroused your interest, then you get My test report with the free Merkur slot machine. The following selection gives you a good idea of what you can play online in a Mercury Casino online.

Without a journey, without additional costs for drinks or admission and around the clock you can take a seat in the online arcades at these machines. Since the gaming market on the Internet is also becoming increasingly important for Gauselmann, all new developments of the company are now also published directly or at least very promptly at the partner casinos. So look forward to regular replenishment!

You play for tower -high jackpots

Not only the payment rate already mentioned is much higher on the Internet than with the offline variants of the games. The jackpots are also much more lucrative in Merkur Online Casinos than in the pub, play library or a large casino. I would like to compare the special features of the jackpots in the following part. First of all, I present the land -based jackpot closer.

The Seven Jackpot

In the offline arcades you will find the Seven Jackpot. As the name suggests, you play here with the chance to win one of seven jackpots. To do this, take a seat at one of the Mercury Magic Automats and starts one of the 80 available games. If you want to take part in the jackpot game, then you have to set an additional amount in addition to normal use. There are five different stages of operations. The higher the additional jackpot that you chose, the higher the likelihood of winning the jackpot game later.

Depending on the selected game and availability, the jackpot game is triggered either by three scatter or by the “Hau den Lukas” feature. “Hau den Lukas” is a profit that at least that Five times your played game mission amounts to. Then a sun rises in one place. This is similar to the “Hau den Lukas” known from the fair. If the sun reaches the top, the jackpot game is started.

The seven main prizes are represented in the jackpot game by seven obelisk. These obelisks have different symbols. The obelisk cover 15 of these symbols. Only if one of the obelisk is completely exposed will the corresponding main prize be distributed. First you bought a number of hammers with the additional use made at the beginning, which are already exposed to part of the obelisk at the beginning of the jackpot game.

After the hammers have already prepared, the so -called slidefeate is started on the upper screen of the machine. The same symbols are located on five different reels as on the obelisk on the lower screen. If there are symbols on these reels on a payline, they fall down on the lower obelisk. With these falling symbols, the symbol stones are then destroyed on the obelisk. The jackpot game ends if either no more symbols fall or an obelisk has been completely exposed.

Die Online Jackpot Slots

This Seven Jackpot does not exist on the net. And in contrast to the offline machine, where only a few players in the same Merkur branch deposit into the joint price pot, the slots on the Internet are connected across the casino. This means that not only the players of a Merkur online casino do the jackpot with their missions, but also the visitors of other official partner casinos. As a result, the pots rise faster and also reach a much larger sum. There are various Merkur Jackpot slot machines in which the main prize is won in different ways. The jackpot is cracked at WinStar and Super Diamond Deluxe when five golden rollers appear on a payline. With Genie Jackpots and The Pig Wizard, on the other hand, it is a little different.

Genie Jackpots Will the bottle spirit help you to wealth?

The eponymous jinn from the miracle lamp can appear in any rotation. The spirit will then fulfill a wish. For this you choose one of the three lamps offered by the jinn. Different bonus games are then hidden behind the lamps. In the game, these 3 wishes-power turns are mentioned. However, the jackpot symbol can also be uncovered when choosing the lamp. What then follows, the game instructions explain in a variety of ways with just one word: “Shazaaam!”

Now let your wishes come true in the pressing luck Casino!

The Pig Wizard Do you find the right way on the map?

If the bonus scatter symbol appears on the first, the third and the fifth roller, a bonus round is started. A magical card then opens. On this map, you select a hidden destinations mentioned by the bonus rooms. Four different bonus games are hidden here. But in addition to these games, the progressive jackpot can also be chosen by you. This is then paid out immediately.

Now go looking for the jackpot with $ 50 bonus in the pressing luck Casino!

The jackpots of the slots presented here regularly reach a height of more than $ 100,000. This is of course a very tempting sum, but in some of my top Merkur casinos you will have the chance to play even higher sums. Because some of my recommended providers also have slot machines from other developers in their range. Unlike the games of the more American -speaking games from Gauselmann, the progressive jackpot slots of established casino games like NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech are widespread worldwide. Since there are many more players in the pot, These well -known slots pour out millions of profits in a regular basis.

  • More Merkur Jackpot slots with high profits
  • +Super Spinner
  • +Der Winstar Jackpot Slot
  • +Slots O’ Gold

The three most important online jackpot slot machines are distributed among the three game developers already mentioned. Microgamings Mega Moungah Is the record holder with an amount of $ 17.8 million. The machine even made it into the book of records. The biggest rival is NETENTS Mega Fortunethat already drew attention to himself at a profit of 11.7 million $ . Playtech climbing so highly climbing Jackpot Giant The main prize is not yet, but a maximum profit of almost six million $ is of course not to be despised. So take a look at the other slots on the offer of Merkur Casinos. It can be worth it!

More games in Merkur online casinos

However, the best argument for the casinos on the Internet is the game selection. You will be able to switch between the classic table games and slots with just a few mouse clicks. And since the online casino providers work with different game developers, you will not only find the Merkur slots at the slot machines. Of course, the other slot machines do not score with their familiarity, but have other qualities. They offer you a nice 3D graphic, atmospheric sound and fresh game ideas. There are dozens of different topics to discover. This includes well -known films, television series and comics as well as traditional fairy tales. Classic slot formats such as fruits and gemstones are also often offered. There should also be enough long-term fun fun with experienced vending machine fans. You can also find more useful information about this On my page via online slot machines.

The table games naturally provide additional variety. Led by different variants of the undisputed long -running roulette and blackjack you will find numerous other casino games. This includes video poker, lottery games such as keno, bingo, scratch cards and also the various variants of the casino poker. For an overview of what a good online casino can offer your visitors, you should Have a look on my page with the best online casino games.

You can play with real dealers in the live casino

die Live casino games are one of the main attractions The online casino. In recent years, the live streams have developed in terms of leap in terms of the game selection and quality of the representation. HD streams from roulette, blackjack and baccarat are part of the basic equipment. In addition, depending on the casino, these games are also available in different variants. It would be noteworthy to be the reel roulette, which combines Novoline best -known slot machines with the boiler game. You can find more about this On my side via the Novoline online games.

Best Mercury Live Casino
Experience the game with real dealers!

With selected casinos you can also play various casino poker variants with real dealers. The Live Casino StreamProvider Evolution Gaming in particular has set up the mass slate as the market leader in recent years. With 3 Card Poker, Casino Hold’em and Ultimate Texas Hold’em you will find three different versions of the card game. Even if you prefer slot machines, you should take a seat at a table and enjoy the special atmosphere of the live dealer games.

So you can use Casinos PayPal in Mercury

For payments on the Internet, PayPal in USA has developed according to the direct debit for the most used payment method. Since the direct debit is not offered as a payment option in online casinos, takes PayPal a special role here a. Some of my top casinos also provide you with the widespread e-wallet for deposits and withdrawals. I have created a list of the best Merkur PayPal Casino providers that support payments with PayPal:

The best Mercury PayPal Casinos of my test

After you have successfully completed the simple registration, you can use the fast PayPal deposit with these casino providers and, after a few minutes, play the Merkur slot machine for real money. Of course, you can also request the bonus on request. The casinos for the transactions with the cyberwallet usually do not collect extra fees. If additional costs arise, you will be informed beforehand. I have more information about the online payment service provider put together on my PayPal Casino page.

Information about licenses and security in Merkur online casino

The questions of many players who have not yet visited online casino are primarily about the topics Security and protection against fraud. The caution is of course understandable because you transfer money to a company previously unknown to you. The fact that the licenses were not awarded by a American gambling authority may also cause astonishment for some of you. But I think that at this point I can clarify a few questions with my short explanation.

While private operators of Merkur game stores in USA can receive a concession for offering real money gambling, the legislator has so far not offered any corresponding licenses for online games. Thanks to the freedom of service within the European Union, American players can visit the Internet casinos regulated in Malta and Gibraltar. An economic significant software industry around online gambling has now developed into these small EU member states. The gaming authorities of these countries regulate the casinos with strict requirements in terms of fairness, data protection and the safety of the game devices.

One of the requirements is that the casino providers are obliged to allow independent controls of their game. This also includes the reviews of the payout rates mentioned above. So if you see one of the state licenses shown here on the Casino website highest security standards guaranteed. The regulation of a state authority is also the basic requirement in order to The selection of my best American online casinos to be taken into account.

And Gauselmann himself only works with partner casinos who have an official lucky license. So if you play for a provider of Mercury on the net who does not have a good luck and certificates of test laboratories, you should look closely. It is then either a provider of play money games or possibly even a fraudster who is unauthorized with the brands of Gauselmann.

American -speaking customer service and extensive help

A serious Merkur Casino is also characterized by competent customer service. Only when a provider provides its visitors from USA all functions of the website and the service in American will he be included in the ranks of my top Internet casino. After all, nothing would be more frustrating than unnecessary misunderstandings through foreign language instructions and terms and conditions.

the American -language customer service Can you reach in different ways. The individual Merkur Casino providers differ a little in details, but basically the available options are similar. So you can either write an email, use the live chat or a form and of course call. You will definitely get support during the main game times during the working days. Fees can be calculated on the telephone hotline. Since the written options like the live chat are free, it is not that bad. In general, the chat increasingly prevails with customers as a convenient opportunity to us.

Customer service is very important for the evaluation of my casinos with Merkur. You will be helped with my test winners competently and in American. I would suggest the free live chat if you have any questions. If it is not an urgent request, my choice would always be the email.

The Gauselmann Group-over 60 years of quality “Made in USA”

When Paul Gauselmann set up the first music machines in 1957, nobody could expect the rapid development of the coming decades. The trained telecommunications divisor increasingly began to apply its technical knowledge in its part-time job in the 1960s. In 1964 he finally dared to become self -employed.

It should then take ten years until the first Merkur play library was opened in Delmenhorst. From 1977 the first self -developed money player was also set up in this. The “Merkur B” laid the basis for the following rise of the young company from the Westphalian province. The “game makers” have now become an international gambling group with over 12,000 employees worldwide.

Merkur logo – the game makers
company Gauselmann Group
# Merkur-Allee 1-15 32339 Espelkamp
founded 1957
CEO Paul Gauselmann
employee 10.438 (2016)
Website http://www.gauselmann.de/
Telephone number +49 5772 49-0
Email [email protected]
Sales volume 2.5 Millarden Euro (2016)

The company is well known to the American players because of its Merkur branches with the well -known sun. Above 300 game stores Are there in USA and again so many in the rest of Europe. Two developments decisively shaped the company’s recent past. On the one hand has the American legislature introduced a minimum distance for arcades And on the other hand, gambling on the Internet is becoming increasingly important. While on the one hand, many Merkur game stores in USA will probably have to close, Gauselmann and his subsidiary Merkur Interactive GmbH are expanding successfully in the new online market on the other.

The award with the USA test seal is also praise and an incentive for the company. We know the needs of our customers closely and continuously develop on this basis in order to always be able to offer the most modern and innovative product portfolio. Together with our well -trained service staff and an attractive interior design of the Casino Merkur game libraries, we are more popular with customers. We are also well positioned for future challenges.

Paul Gauselmann, Company founder

The subsidiaries Edict and Blueprint in the short portrait

In order to be able to offer the gambling market in popular slot machines in popular slot machines, Gauselmann has bought two software companies in recent years. The Hamburg-based company Edict Egaming GmbH, founded in 1998, was one of the pioneers for online casino software platforms in USA. In 2008 the company was completely adopted by Merkur Interactive. Since then they have offered both complete online casino systems and games. This includes the well -known slots as well as some table games.

Another game developer that Gauselmann took over in 2012 is Blueprint Gaming. The developer for digital games has locations in Great Britain and the USA. In contrast to Edict, they mainly program games that are not yet known from the offline arcades. For example, the jackpot games mentioned above should be mentioned.

Frequent questions and answers

Hopefully this report on the Merkur Casinos was able to answer some question. However, since it can always happen that some things have remained unclear, I have set up a FAQ area below to answer a few questions again.

🏆 What are the best online casinos play with Mercury?

A great selection of the best Merkur Casinos I have put together you on this page. Experience great alternatives of the classics of Gausselmann online and get great bonus offers as a new customer.

💡 Are there any tricks with which you can win more?

No! It is not possible to influence the outcome of a game round. All results are purely accidental. Be careful when someone tells you something about safe gain or alleged system errors that can be exploited. This is nonsense! You cannot manipulate the slot machines! Real Slot machines tips revolve around the limits and sensible use of the bonus offers and a reasonable handling of your game budget.

🤔 Can you play Merkur magic roulette online?

The original Mercury Magic Roulette is currently not available as a real money game on the Internet. There are only play money versions. This then also as a download app. But as already noted, all Merkur online casinos naturally offer roulette games. There is also Merkur’s Magic Roulette. This is a mixture of slot machines and roulette with simplified setting options. If you are generally interested in roulette, take a look The best roulette casinos mal an.

💸 Is there a bonus without a deposit?

There is currently no provider among my TOP Merkur online casinos who grants a starting credit without a deposit. For those of you who want to try playing on the Internet with a small effort, there is still Interesting bonus offers. In addition to the big welcome bonuses, there are always also Smaller starting aidsif you want to look around without much risk.

🎰 Where can I find Joker’s Cap and everything on the net?

These two machines are also available on the Internet. They were only renamed. Everything is pointed online King of Luck while Joker’s Cap im Netz Jolly’s Cap is called. Nothing has changed in the known functions, rules and symbols. You can also convince yourself of this on my page, because you can test the two games for free.

🆓 Can I play Merkur slots online for free?

You have the opportunity here all known play machines from Merkur play online To be able to be in a free demo version. So you can experience yourself why the developers’ slots are so popular. Test the classics Eye of Horus or Magic Mirror on this page to convince yourself.