Data protection in online casinos

Due to the increasing digitization of our everyday life, privacy should be a particularly important topic not only for online casino players, but also for all Internet users. In recent years there have been several hacker attacks on leading online companies such as And eBay, in which thousands of customer data were stolen. As a result, it has become extremely clear that the Internet is no longer a protective environment and that we have to be careful where and what personal information we share. In order for free access to gambling on the Internet, the entry of such data is also requested by online casino operators. Why do you need our personal information for what you use and how you are protected can be read in the further course of this article.

What information is collected by the online casinos?

Whenever you open your own player account at a casino on the Internet, you will be asked for your name, email address, postal address, telephone number and date of birth during the registration process. But if you want to take part in the games of chance in real money mode, of course you have to make a deposit. In this case you need to enter more information such as debit or credit card data. In addition, online gambling providers also collect further information such as how you have reached the respective casino page, how much time you spend or what kind of games you have played.

Why do we ask for gambling providers such data from us?

As already mentioned, every new customer during the account creation in an online casino is asked not only for its name but also about his date of birth. The reason for this is the applicable gambling law, which prohibits the minor to take part in games of chance. In order to block access to casino sites for minors, gambling organizers on the Internet are obliged to always carry out the so-called age verification. For this, your registration data must be entered correctly, since the casino operators often require further documents such as an ID copy via the player identification. Real money players must of course also enter their bank details. Only then would deposit and withdrawals in the respective casino be possible.

How is this information collected?

Personal data such as names, email address and date of birth are collected, while your registration process is carried out if you participate in various surveys or use the services of the customer service. Information that affects only your visitor behavior is collected with the help of the so -called cookies. A small text file on the computer that save information about websites you visit. Serious online casinos inform your customers about the use of cookies and demand their consent. All cookies can later be found and deleted via the browser.

Why use your information online?

Personal information is only used by the casinos to identify and communicate with the player. Bank details are of course required to process the payment processes between casino operators and customers. The information, which the gambling providers only collected with regard to visitor behavior, gets into an anonymous database and only serve to improve your stay in the respective online casino. Settings such as preferred language, currency and games are automatically adjusted. The casino visitors can choose to allow or reject the cookies. Gambling providers reserve the right to limit you access to the casino side if you have not accepted the cookies.

How are our personal information protected from online casinos?

Trusted online casinos use the most modern SSL encryption techniques to ensure the safety of data transmission. You can even find out yourself whether the casino you selected uses such safety techniques. For this you should only take a closer look at the URL of the specific casino side and inform whether “https” can be seen there instead of “http”. The HTTPS protocol is used to encrypt and authentication of communication between web browser and Casino server. Either 128-bit key algorithms or 256-bit key algorithms are used for this. The encryption for secure data transmissions via the Internet is often certified in reputable online casinos by various companies such as verisign.

Who has access to my personal information?

As a rule, only authorized employees of the specific online casino may receive free access to your personal information. Without your express consent, casino operators can never share your data with non-employees. Serious online casinos do not offer personal information on sale. As a user of a casino page, you will automatically agree to your conditions of participation. That is why you always need to find out about what the conditions and data protection policy of this page are. Of course, you must be visible and easy to understand on the official website of the casino.

Can I also protect my reporting and bank details?

Although serious online casinos use reliable SSL encryption of famous companies such as trust or Thawte, but the examples given above with the hacker attacks from the near past serve as a memory that your sensitive information on the Internet can never be protected 100% again. Although all gambling providers use various security techniques to offer you a trustworthy game environment, you can also take a few measures and protect your data. Since the security is closely related to your password, you should never pass on your password to third parties. To create a safe password, you should always use a combination of letters and numbers. Furthermore, you don’t need to save it in the browser. Another way to protect your identity in Google Chrome or Firefox is the incognito or private mode while surfing. In this way, neither cookies nor website pages or format data are saved on your computer.

Can I delete my personal data in the respective online casino?

Every casino player has the right to find out about the data an online casino has saved on his person. In most casinos you have the opportunity to constantly correct and update personal information about the player account. In addition, as a user, according to § 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act, the processing and the use of your personal information on the part of the casino can be revoked at any time. If you have any questions, you can a casino employees at any time and get more information about it.