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Guide in the event of problems with gambling addiction

Cases of gambling addiction may be rare, but a serious problem. We at Bestonlinecasinos.co take our responsibility and want to give our visitors help and advice on how to solve this problem. If you believe that playing becomes a problem for you, you can get serious financial difficulties or neglect social s, then you should seriously think about it. The website of the Federal Center for Health Education is the first point of for advice, ing or simply for information on this serious topic. The side is there www.spielen-mit-verantwortung.de Not only the person concerned with advice and action, relatives can also find out about literature, seminars or points on site. In particular, with other affected people, dealing with the problem with friends or family members is the first important step to get this problem under control. Dare and take this first step and you will be surprised how much support and understanding for your situation is shown. This offer also includes a self -test that shows to what extent you are at risk and where possible potential for danger is.

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If you want to reach me, you can leave me an electronic message here. I am always happy to receive feedback, suggestions for improvements or constructive criticism. What would be the most interested in me personally are your experiences and experiences with fraudulent online casinos. This gives me the opportunity to clarify and complete the information on my website and to be able to convey more details about the mesh of the black sheep. Our goal should be to put the craft from the fraudsters.