RU: Withdrawal of the US bookmakers

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Maximilian Deininger March 11, 2023

Many US bookmakers have announced that they can hire their offers for Russian sports leagues. Due to the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, many representatives of the American sports betting industry decided on this drastic step. The withdrawal of the sports betting offer also includes Belarus, which Wladimir Putin supports in his attack war.

Russian sport is sanctioned worldwide; For example, the national soccer team and all clubs from the country were closed to all competitions by the UEFA and FIFA. ((©Fancy Crave/Unsplash)

US sports betting industry is shown in solidarity

The war triggered by Russia in Ukraine keeps the world in suspense And has an increasing impact on the economy. So the consequences of the conflict also noticeable in the gaming industry.

The global sports community has stood in solidarity behind Ukraine and condemns the invasion by the Russian Federation. Now the many bookmakers from the United States have theirs Offers for Russian sports leagues completely adjusted. The sanctions include both the state -based and the digital offer in the USA.

Draftkings explained by press release not to offer betting on sports leagues and events in Russia and Belarus. That will also be the Popular “continental hockey League” (KHL) from the repertoire of the well -known bookmaker. With the decision, Draftkings approves any collateral damage, since in the highest Russian ice hockey league do not only play teams from Russia and Belarus. Teams from Asian countries are also part of the league.

Economic isolation. Russia is faced with economic isolation worldwide that comes into play in all branches of industry. The sport and the associated betting industry are no exception. For example, Draftkings not only stops all the betting offers for Russian sport, but also captivates all economic connections to Russian and Belarusian sports associations. Relationships with teams from the countries would also be put on hold.

Fanduel & Caesars join

Draftkings is not the only well -known bookmaker from the United States, which shows the cold shoulder to Russian sport. With Fanduel and Caesars, two other renowned US providers have recently announced, No bets at Russian sporting events to want to accept more. Table tennis, ice hockey, volleyball and football are affected.

Landes-based US casinos that offer bet on Russian sport also hit the same notch. The Westgate Resorts in Las Vegas also announced its retreat, but emphasized at the same time that the pronounced sanctions did not particularly affect their own economic strength. Betting income from Russian sporting events would only one Make a minor part of the total turnover.

Global development The sports betting industry is not only isolating Russian sport in the United States. This development can also be observed in other countries. A prominent example is flutter entertainment. The Irish gambling group recently announced that all activities in Russia and Belarus completely stop. This loses almost 50 million $ a year, but the decision was made completely detached from economic criteria.

Hard blow for Russian sport

The war of aggression of the Russian regime around Vladimir Putin fatal effects on Russian sportthat has to struggle with hard setbacks on all fronts. The withdrawal of numerous US bookmakers is only the cherry on the cake.

In the past few weeks, Russian football from FIFA and UEFA has been for everyone European and international competitions blocked. This was announced by the two football associations in a joint message on February 28th. The exclusion concerns both the national team and all Russian clubs.

Expression of solidarity. In the FIFA and UEFA statement, it is said that football is united and solidarity behind all affected people in Ukraine. The two presidents Gianni Infantino (FIFA) and Aleksander Ceferin (UEFA) would hope that the conflict in Ukraine will soon come to a good end and that football will be able to stand for unity and peace again.

There was also an exclusion in Formula 1. The highest motorsport class covered all connections to Russian companies and Ended the economic cooperation. Even the Grand Prix in Russia, which was to take place in September 2023, was repaid for the next season. Since Formula 1 stands for positive visions and people and nations want to combine, the run in Russia cannot be carried out under current circumstances.

There was a close to the shoulder of numerous clubs also in European basketball. Parts against Russian teams were boycotted shortly after the invasion became known. Shortly afterwards there was one Official suspension of all Russian teams. Large names are also affected with ZSKA Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg.