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Peter Brandt July 4, 2023

Pragmatic Play supports the Maltese marathon runner Stephen Sammut Nurminsen in his donation run. From July 22nd to 24th, the athlete plans a 365 km long ultramarathon, in which he wants to collect 10,000 $ for common good -oriented purposes.

Stephen Sammut would like to donate the 10,000 $ to the “Dr Klown” initiative, which children in the hospital and distracts children. ((© Adhy Savala/Unsplash)

Official sponsor

Stephen Turn off Nurminen ist in Malta known as an exception and extreme athlete, who always breaks the physical limits of the body with his challenges – also with his ultramarathon over 365 kilometers.

The run should take place from July 22nd to 24th and extend from Syracus to Trapani. Pragmatic Play will be there act as an official sponsor And prepare Nurmins and his team for the preparations for the run. These have been in the corridor for weeks and sometimes fall out somewhat differently than with a conventional marathon.

On Instagram, Nurmins was recently announced that his training and preparation plan also The sleep deprived:

“Since I am preparing for my biggest challenge so far, in which I will run 365 kilometers across Sicily for 2.5 days and have to do without sleep – only with short naps – the next two weeks are decisive. I have to get my body used to running as little sleep as possible. “Stephen’s extinguishing Nurminen, Extreme athletes, Official Instagram account from Nurminsen

Donation run for initiative “Dr Klown”

The donation marathon of Nurminsen Runs via the campaign website “Gogetfunding”, on which both private individuals and companies have the opportunity to donate to the non -profit campaign. Almost 500 $ were donated at the current time. The donation goal of 10,000 $ is to be reached by July 31 and will go to the “Dr Klown” initiative.

It is a charitable organization that is active in the Maltese hospital “Mater Dei” and with “clown doctors” that there Hospitalized children fun and distracts them from the everyday hardships in the hospital. In this way, the little patients should reduce their stress and feel joy during their stay.

However, the clowns are not real doctors, but volunteers from all professional fields and areas of life. you will be artistically and psychologically trained in advance, to meet your role as a fun and building clown.

Julian Jarvis, CEO of Pragmatic Play, said in the official press release of the gambling group that the commitment of “Dr Klown” was extremely important for the “Mater Dei” hospital and for the entire society in Malta. Accordingly, the company is pleased to be able to support only mines in its donation run.

Praise from Nurmins. In a statement, Nurmmins said that he was very much looking forward to working with Pragmatic Play. He praised the commitment of the gambling group to take part in the non -profit campaign.

Pragmatic Play with social streak

The recent commitment to charity reflects the general corporate philosophy of Pragmatic Play. The gambling group is aware of its social responsibility and tries to return something about different ways of society. The company has always been over the years involved in charity and initiatives.

It was only in April 2023 that Pragmatic donated round 18,000 $ in two autism organizationswho were supported with the money in their daily work and the construction of new facilities. The two organizations were the “Autism Voice Institute” in Bucharest (Romania), which will build a research center with the help of the donation, and the “Autism Parents Association” in Malta. With the donation, game consoles, board games and other interactive products were bought.

Due to the humanitarian crisis triggered by the Russian war of aggression, Pragmatic Play solidarized Similar to many other gambling companies With Ukraine. Around Pragmatic donated 100,000 pounds to the British Red Cross. With the money, the aid organization from Great Britain was able to provide financial and psychosocial support, among other things, and provide food, clothing and water.

On March 8th, the International Women’s Day, Pragmatic donated 10,000 $ to the Maltese organization “Survivors of Abuse with Resilience” (Soar), which is committed to equality in social, economic and cultural fields. Soar takes care of women, have experienced domestic violence or abuse.

Corporate values. Pragmatic Play bases his social engagement on the “values of sustainability”, which are made up of three subrubics. The gambling group relies on a collective thoughts, the community and the consequences of one’s own actions. Taking into account this self -imposed mantras, the company wants to meet its social responsibility.