New home: casino Bad Neuenahr

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Peter Brandt January 26, 2023

The Bad Neuenahr casino has found a new home in the local train station. Initially, several media had reported on the choice of location in the historic building before the casino itself confirmed the report by press release. The former home of the casino was the Kurhaus of Bad Neuenahr, which was almost completely destroyed in the course of the flood disaster in the summer of 2021. Shortly after the flooding, it was foreseeable that a return to the old place of work was not possible.

The flood disaster in July 2021 not only caused enormous damage to property, but also cost 135 people. ((©Chris Gallagher/Unsplash)

Opening in the summer of 2023 planned

In the press release, Spielbank Bad Neuenahr GmbH & Co. KG speaks of an interim casino that will move into its neighborhood in the local train station over the next three years. Exactly as long should that already signed rental agreement last for. The new location is located in the city center, which was spared the destructive water masses last summer.

Historical building. The station building in Bad Neuenahr was built in 1879 and accordingly looks back on an eventful history. For this reason, the entire building is listed. As the casino reports, the current owner acquired the building from American Bahn and adapted to modern standards. Among other things, in -house installations were carried out. The station serves the casino as an ideal temporary solution because it is in a central and attractive location. Thanks to the good connection, the game could easily arrive by bus and train. Guest parking spaces should also make it easier to get by car.

In total, the train station holds around 1,000 square meters of space. The casino plans to set up two tables for roulette and blackjack. In addition, become Around 80 slot machines on the playing area be present. Michael Seegert, managing partner of the Spielbank Bad Neuenahr GmbH & Co. KG, does not exclude an expansion of the game offer. If everything runs according to plan, the casino will open its doors in the coming summer. However, the takeover will take place in March.

Floods destroy Kurhaus

The Kurhaus in Bad Neuenahr served until the Destruction by the flood disaster As a place of work of the local casino. The traditional building was so badly affected by the masses of water that a Return of the casino quickly excluded became. Large parts of the facade were completely destroyed. Over 50 percent of the building was in danger of collapse for a long time and were stabilized by the technical relief organization before demolition was decided. Similarly, the administration building of the casino, which was halved by the force of the water masses. The property damage amounted to around eight million $ .

Brazen action. The chaos and the destruction around the casino use three men for a brazen campaign. They entered the damaged Kurhaus in a night-and-fog campaign and stole jetons worth 125,000 $ . They then tried to exchange cash in the nearby casino at the Nürburgring. However, an employee noticed the attempted fraud and switched on the police. The case then ended up on the table of the Koblenz public prosecutor.

According to Seegert, the casino used the new beginning to Interior up to date bring to. The new slot machines offer the latest industry standards:

“Because of the complete destruction of the offers in the Kurhaus, a completely new range of machines begins in the new location, which offers the opportunity to offer the most modern and attractive devices from different manufacturers worldwide.”Michael Seegert, Managing partner of Spielbank Bad Neuenahr GmbH & Co. KG Official press release from the Bad Neuenahr casino

Environmental disaster demands human life

The flood of the century has not only left the Kurhaus in Bad Neuenahr. The lurid water masses searched both regions in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as Rhineland-Palatinate home. Whole cities, villages and areas were set under water. Not only existence were destroyed. The flood of the century even demanded 135 lives.

To date, it is being examined how the environmental disaster could accept such dimensions. Those responsible do not leave a stone on the other. In Erftstadt, for example, the police act against the operator of the local open -cast mine. He is accused of involved in the development of the flood masses to be.

Construction risk. In Erftstadt there was a demolition of a gravel pit during the heavy rains that brought about a landslide and converted the water masses into a lurid river. The building driver is said to have a complicity for this demolition. According to media reports, the man is currently being investigated. Specifically, the suspicion of building risk and a violation of the Federal Mountain Law.