Roulette martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the oldest roulette systems that are still used by some players today. Especially beginners think they have found a way in the system to make safe money in the long run. In many forums on the Internet, the Martingale strategy is described as unbeatable, but that this is not true will quickly be clear to an advanced player.

The Martingale strategy may have led to multiple winnings in some individual cases, but then there was a certain luck in the game or the circumstances in the casino were optimally tailored to the strategy. Above all, the limits set by the casino play a major role in the chances of winning the Martingale strategy.

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How does the strategy work and what idea is behind it?

The Martingale strategy is also known as the “Document Strategy”, and at the latest now many players should be clear what the Martingale strategy is. The basis of the strategy goes back to the simple idea that you statistically gain every second round for an easy chance if you leave the zero into account. So the player chose one of the simple opportunities and sticks to this chance during the game. Accordingly, it does not matter whether you choose red or black, straight or odd, low or high, you have made a decision, you usually record it.

The duplication system always comes into play when you have made a loss. So if a loss is made in round 1, round 2 is placed in round 2. If another loss is made, the use from round 2 in round 3 is doubled again. Try the strategy in Reallier Roulette Casino. This is done until a round has been won. If you then take a look at the account balance, you will notice that the use of the first round was made. After the round won, the assignment for the first round is reset to “zero” or the initial use.

Every time you have won a lap according to this system, a profit from the starting assignment must be booked. So the system looks quite safe at first glance, but it still has its gaps. However, we only want to come back to this at a later date.

An example

To illustrate the Martingale system, we want to look at a fairly simple example. We choose the color black and a start of 2 $ for the application of the Martingale system.

In the first round we put 2 $ on black, but do not hit our bet. In the second round, the assignment must now be doubled. We put 4 $ on black and lose again. The assignment is doubled again and now we are using 8 $ on black. This time our bet hits and we can look forward to a 1-1 win. In total, we will receive 16 $ back with a deployment of 2 + 4 + 8 = 14 $ . So we made our start of 2 $ profit.

In theory, this strategy can be continued as you like until you are used at 32 $ . Until then, statistically, there should have been black statistically. With a deployment of 32 $ , we will receive 64 $ back and so far 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 = 62 $ . Again 2 $ and the start of the start were won. After winning you start again with the start of 2 $ . If you are interested, this time may recommend changing the simple chance or increasing or reducing the start of the start.

Why doesn’t the Martingal strategy work in the long run?

Long run is a way of playing in the long run. In the long run, the martingal strategy should make a profit, but unfortunately this does not work – why? With this strategy, there can be several reasons that destroy the strategy. First, the legendary zero of the French roulette comes into play. This ensures that the probability of winning is not 50 percent of a simple chance but only 48.65 percent. So you won’t win in 50 percent of the cases.

The second and probably more important criterion is the limit of the casino and your own financial resources. In a losing streak, the table limit can be reached and you have to take a bitter loss. Or all your own money is suddenly used up and you can no longer double the previously lost use. At that moment the martingal strategy failed. There is no functioning strategy for roulette that can be used to make safe profits over a long period of time. You should see roulette as a gambling and leisure activity, for which you just have to pay money to take part. If you win once, you can be particularly happy.

History of the Martingale strategy

The history of the Martingale strategy goes back for many years and was used for the first time in the Pharo Gambling Gambling. The name of the game is to go back to the king in the card game, which was often portrayed as a kind of pharaoh. The king applies particularly happily in the game, so that it was very often placed on him.

At Pharo, the banker plays against up to four punch sayers. Each player receives a book from the banker, i.e. the 13 cards of a color as a operating scheme. Now the banker reveals two cards from the second card deck. The first card applies to the bank. All missions on the map with the same value are collected by the bank. If the punchowers have placed a bet on the value of the second cards, the player wins in a ratio of 1: 1. The operations of non -met values remain and may only be increased for the next round if you are interested.

As early as the 18th century, the system in France became popular for all possible gambling, where there was a bet with a chance near the 50 percent. At the time, the most suitable was the widespread coin toss, which had exactly a 50 percent chance of winning.

FAQ – the most common questions and answers

I hope I could bring the Martingale strategy a little closer to you on this page. You can find one down here FAQ area with the most common questions To this roulette strategy.

Does the martingale strategy really work in roulette?

Yes, this strategy really works. You just have to double your commitment if you lose loss. Here you can find out How this strategy works And what idea behind it. The table can also be found in the probability of winning and the expected return.

What are the advantages of the Martingale Roulette system?

The advantages are clearly obvious. Suppose you lose your first use. Then next time you have to set the double bet to get the loss of the previous bet again. Look at yourself the example to see the advantages at a glance.

Is the roulette martingale system prohibited?

No, it is not forbidden. There are some for that Exceptionswho destroy this strategy. Because in the long run it is not to be expected that this strategy leads to permanent success.

What is a roulette system anyway?

A roulette system follows a strategy in this game of chance. In addition to the Martingale strategy Is there still that To speak strategically. Both systems can also be described as a doubling system. However, the way you doublet your use differs seriously from each other.

In which online casino can you try the Martingale system?

You can try the Martingale strategy in all online casinos. The set limits of the individual boiler game variants are much more decisive. So that you have a large selection of different variants, it is recommended In the best roulette casinos to play.