Gauselmann takes over Westpiel

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Peter Brandt 8. September 2021

The antitrust authority has approved the multi-million dollar sale of Westpiel to the Gauselmann Group. The deal between the two gambling groups was already signed in July as part of a award procedure, but was still the assessment of the auditors, who have now given their consent to the industry -internal takeover. West play was in the state and lost to the NRW state government, which received a revenue of 141.8 million for the sale of the company.

The Gauselmann Group convinced the politics as part of the award procedure with its overall concept and was able to secure the stroke for Westphalia. ((©kschneider2991/Pixabay)

Six casinets affected

Due to the approved takeover, change overall Four former western game banks their owner and from then on officially belong to Gauselmann group. Specifically, it is about the state-based casinos in Dortmund-Hohensyburg, Aachen, Bad Oeynhausen and Duisburg. In addition, the gambling group is given the opportunity to open two more facilities. The company continues to leave whether Gauselmann perceives this right and at which locations the new casinos should open up.

In the official press release, Paul Gauselmann, company founder and board spokesman, is extremely satisfied in view of the approval by the antitrust authority the new workforce is warmly welcomed:

“We look forward to welcoming the new employees in our company. Together we will align the casinos in NRW even more successfully. ”Paul Gauselmann, Company founder and board spokesman for the Gauselmann Group, Official press release from the Gauselmann Group

Takeover from September 2021

The deal between Westpiel and Gauselmann has already been confirmed by politics. Lutz Lienenkämper (CDU), Finance Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, told the press that after the approval of the cartel office of the September 01, 2021 signed the purchase contract became. Accordingly, takeover has been final since this month.

A agreement between the Gauselmann Group and the NRW state government was achieved almost two months ago. The provisional takeover contract has existed since July 20. At that time it was said that the notarial purchase contract only Cartel office must be waved through. Even if the authority took several weeks for its consent, it is Gauselmann Group was not idle during this period And initiated corresponding preparations. In this regard, David Schnabel, Managing Director of Merkur-Spielbanken, explains:

“We used the time between the signing of the purchase contract and the final approval by the antitrust authorities to prepare the integration of casinos into the group of companies. In addition to the technical and organizational aspects, the focus was particularly on the personal idea of management among colleagues in the casino locations and the headquarters in Duisburg. We will continue to intensify this dialogue in the coming weeks and have planned welcome events for all new colleagues in our training center at Benkhausen Castle. ”David snows, Managing Director of Merkur-Spielbanken, Official press release from the Gauselmann Group

Critical voices from politics

In the form of the NRW state government, politics agreed to the sale of the state-run gambling group Westpiel, but there was no uniform opinions about the meaningfulness of the multi-million dollar deal. In July, individual politicians from the opposition criticized the ruling black and yellow state government to give up the controlled situation around the four locations and the casinos to be transferred to non -transparent realms of free economy.

The Financial Policy Spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in the state parliament accused the government to take over Westpiel serve the privatization ideologies of the CDU and FDP and would be subject to political and not social interest. The entire procurement process not only a shame for player and youth protection, but also has a negative impact on the company’s employees. In addition, the SPD spokesman doubts whether the four casinos were sold at a fair market price. If this is not the case, the government has thrown public property without need.

In addition, West play has been in 2019 for several times can make profits again for the first time. According to many opposition politicians, the privatization of casinos come at a very unfavorable time.

Despite the critical votes against, the CDU and FDP could not be dissuaded from their decision and opened in December 2020 Open bidding procedure for interested companies From the gaming industry. At that time, industry and economic experts estimated the company value from Westpiel to 2.7 billion $ .

Further income. Although the four casinos change to the Gauselmann Group, according to official information, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will continue to receive the income from the casino tax, the additional services and the profit tax. The gross game yields serve as the basis for the measurement of the casino tax, which is legally estimated at 30 percent.