Gauselmann relies on growth

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Peter Brandt 6. June 2023

The Gauselmann Group increased personally last year and continues to defy all adversities. As the gaming group explains by press release, the entrepreneurial processes are still significantly impaired by the economic crisis and bottlenecks in the supply chains. Nevertheless, personnel growth could be promoted decisively.

Gauselmann increased the number of his employees from 13,092 to 14,492 within a year. ((©Christina @ wocintechchat.com/Unsplash)

Working staff grown by 10.7 percent

The economy has these days to fight with several loads. The Corona pandemic, whose reverberation is still fully underway, the bottlenecks of imports and exports as well as the Russian invasion of Ukraine are several crisis herds that positively pose the international economic cycle. As a result, many companies bake smaller rolls to keep stability and continuity-but not the Gauselmann group.

Despite all the adversities, the gambling group from USA put fully in growth despite all the adversity and increased in terms of personnel. Like from the official press release the company from Espelkamp was able to Increase personnel density by around 10.7 percent. On the balance sheet date, 14,492 people were employed by the Gauselmann Group worldwide. In the same period last year there were 13,092.

In the Federal Republic, the group of the group has grown even more. In USA, the Gauselmann Group has around 7,740 employees. In 2020 there were still 6,826 employees. The development corresponds to you Growth of 13.4 percent.

However, the growth plans do not seem to have arrived at the end. A look at the open job offers reveals that continues to be searched for employees. Are currently To fill a total of 175 jobs. The Gauselmann Group is not only looking for specialists and people with experience, but also students and trainees.

Personal growth, Armin Gauselmann, deputy board spokesman for the Gauselmann Group, explains as follows:

“As a family business, we think in the long term. Investments in employees are primarily investments in the future viability of the group of companies. ”Armin Gauselmann, Deputy board spokesman for the Gauselmann Group Official press release from the Gauselmann Group

Gauselmann sees itself as a family business

The term “family business” is not only gladly mentioned by the Gauselmann Group, but also lived with every pore. According to the press release, the family environment and understanding play an overarching role in the context of employee acquisition. This is shown not least by the participation of the gaming group in the “Career in the family business” initiative, which was proclaimed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

Career in the family business. The initiative is intended to make specialists in family -run companies. According to Robert Habeck, Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Protection, family businesses in USA would continue to be underestimated. They are an essential part of the success of the American economy and would have to experience more appreciation.

As part of the initiative, the Gauselmann Group took on May 20th on the “25th Career day family business ”, which took place at Bielefelder Goldbeck GmbH. At the events, family -run groups had the opportunity to present themselves in front of potential applicants and to make direct .

The responsible personnel officers of the Gauselmann Group had many interesting discussions and were able to experience the thoughts and ideas of the applicants. This is how Tassia Giannopoulos, Head of Central Human Resources at Gauselmann, explains that the above all the Requests for individual development options And after a safe job were in the foreground.

Promotion of young people at Gauselmann

The growing personnel density at Gauselmann is not surprising in view of the good promotion of young talent within the gambling group. The company is known for this To place great emphasis on his “talent smithy”. Every year there are numerous Trainees trained in a wide variety of professionals and interns in a wide variety of divisions.

A campaign from February 2023 shows the importance of promoting young talent at Gauselmann. Two students who completed an internship at the main location in Espelkamp had to move to the city in the district of Minden-Lübbecke due to the great distance. Since the students were unable to manage the costs incurred on their own financial strength provided living space by your employer.

Popular employer. Gauselmann is one of the most popular and high quality training centers. This proves the preservation of the “Best Place to Learn” approval. The group of companies understood that the competence and satisfaction of their own employees promise economic success. For this reason, interns or students are also financially supported.

The good reputation of your own promotion of young talent plays a very important role for the Gauselmann Group. It enables the group to competently fill the vacant positions and continue to advance the expansion plans in the future. According to Svenja Albrecht, specialist in human resources marketing at Gauselmann, every employee in the company should Feel as part of the team.