End of sports betting advertising?

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Maximilian Deininger 8. August 2023

The “Alliance against Sports Betting Advertising” (BGSWW) calls for the end of sports betting advertising in professional sports. On the newly founded website, the association appeals to politics and sports players on time for the start of the season of the Bundesliga of the Bundesliga, the high advertising density of bookmakers. According to the alliance members, the advertising measures for the sports betting providers have gone completely out of hand in recent years.

Many clubs in the Bundesliga have a sponsorship contract with betting providers. ((© Tobias Rehbein/Unsplash.com)

Football Bundesliga: Advertising takes over

Advertising for sports betting providers in USA is particularly omnipresent in the Bundesliga. Many clubs in the first three professionals maintain a cooperation with a bookmaker. from the point of view of the respective clubs, the deals are extremely lucrative because they are usually relatively high. the additional income not only preserves competitiveness, but also a sporting lead over the competition – ideally. but what are the consequences of the nationwide advertising for sports betting? the bgsww deals with this question. the association has on time for the start of the season of the national football league Your new website launched, on which they Excessive advertising for sports betting providers sharply criticized. according to the alliance members, the advertising measures would now have accepted dimensions that lack any relation. the start of the season in the 2nd and 3rd bundesliga as well as the first round of the dfb cup were a first taste, with which excessively promoting sports betting in American professional football. as soon as the ball rolls back in the football player next weekend, it will be Reinforce the presence of the betting providers again. Ilona Füchtenschnieder, Chair of the Association of Gambling Addiction, describes the current situation as a sense of advertising and explains:

“Sports betting advertising has the function of trivializing the dangerous product and presenting as normal leisure activity, which belongs to everyday life. This label has to be ended quickly. Hopefully the alliance against sports betting advertising will find many other colleagues. Only together can we manage to stop the current nonsense. ”Ilona Füchtenschnieder, Chair of the association of gambling addiction Official report of the BGSWW

BGSWW calls for restrictions

The presence and reach of the betting providers, which will be part of them through the sponsorship contracts with the Bundesliga clubs, increases the risk of gambling addiction development, according to the BGSWW. For this reason, the alliance calls for comprehensive restrictions on sports betting advertising and primarily takes on politics. it must specify corresponding regulations and laws. but the bgsww also assumes the actors and associations in sports. you should be their social responsibility consciously become and refrain from collaborations with bookmakers. This is the only way to prevent the gambling addiction.

Initiative of fan organizations The BGSWW was created on the initiative of various fan organizations and acts as an interface for the respective parties and interest groups that come from the areas of gambling, sports betting, prevention work, research as well as addiction and self-help. As a collective, the participants pursue the overarching goal of banishing sports betting advertising from sport.

Sports betting responsible for matchfixing

The BGSWW not only sees the player protection through the excessive sports betting advertising, but also fears To get a loss of integrity of the sport. practice has often impressively demonstrated that sports betting and betting fraud go hand in hand. the problem of match fixing has intensified enormously in recent years. according to nicolas klein, representative of transparency international USA, sports betting are the breeding ground for game manipulation, corruption and money laundering. match fixing usually arises due to the close relationship between athletes and the sports betting industry. In his opinion, a restriction of sports betting advertising will fight the problem at the root.

Match fixing in football Game manipulation and betting fraud have developed into a real problem in recent years. This has also been recognized by organizations such as the “International Betting Integrity Association” (IBIA) and leading associations such as UEFA and FIFA. Together with the judiciary, you have announced the fight for the matchfixing. For example, an interpol conference against betting fraud in Abu Dhabi took place in May. Europol held a very similar event together with the UEFA.

Sports betting advertising in the Bundesliga

The number of bookmakers who are active in the Bundesliga as a sponsor has increased steadily in recent years. Many well -known betting providers are Cooperation with the professional clubs and have secured numerous rights and advantages. bwin is equal to three clubs in the 1st bundesliga – borussia dortmund, union berlin and 1. fc köln. market leader tipico, on the other hand, leads one Exclusive partnership at club level with FC Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Tipwin sponsors Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt, while Interwetten has received a deal with VfL Wolfsburg and TSG Hoffenheim. Also Bundesliga club Hertha BSC Has a bookmaker as a sponsor with Betway.