DAW: Vaccination campaign in arcades

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Peter Brandt December 20, 2021

The umbrella organization “The American Automatism Economy” (DAW) started a vaccination campaign in arcades. The initiative is under the motto “You don’t play with Corona!” And should advertise the vaccination against the Coronavirus. With the campaign, the DAW wants to support the federal government’s campaign.

In the arcades, posters and postcards should ensure the necessary educational work on the corona vaccination. ((©Carl Raw/Unsplash)

Analog and digital visibility

According to the DAW press release, the reconnaissance campaign is round 9,000 arcades involved in USA. Postcards and postcards would be made available free of charge, which you can hang and interpret in your facilities. The aim is to include the guests and about that Coronavirus and to clarify the vaccination. The umbrella organization bears the costs incurred with the support of its 5,000 members.

But the campaign should not only be visible in the analog gambling sector. The campaign is also intended for the respective industry and online media, apart from Online casinos without registration. After all, it is important to be shown in order to obtain evidence in his vaccination book. especially the Relevance in social media would have a big influence on whether the educational work was perceived by people. Georg Stecker, DAW board spokesman, explains:

“We want to make our contribution that our guests are also properly informed and can be vaccinated if possible. That is why we correctly set three of the common prejudices and call for vaccination. We make it clear: You don’t play with Corona! A pandemic can only be conquered together. Every vaccination is a profit! […] “Georg Stecker, DAW board spokesman, Official press release from the DAW

Industry representatives advertise vaccination

The DAW is in the best company with the recently proclaimed reconnaissance campaign. So other representatives of the gaming industry Similar actions createdto promote corona vaccination.

With over 60 companies, Westlotto has a campaign Under the motto “Vaccination, now!” started. The initiative has been running since December 7, 2021 and is coordinated by the Handelsblatt Media Group. Perhaps that would also be an idea for the Concord Card Casino (CCC) by the Austrian entrepreneur Peter Zanoni. This had only caused a sensation in June when one Large raid in his poker casino took place.

Question of solidarity. Just like DAW board spokesman Georg Stecker, Andreas Kötter, Westlotto managing director, appeals to the solidarity thoughts. Only together is it possible to combat and defeat the rampant pandemic.

Economy campaigns for vaccination

Not only the gaming industry supports the vaccination campaign of the Federal governmentThe under #Cond -related corona can be seen on television and internet. In the meantime, almost the entire economy in USA is campaigning for vaccination against the coronavirus. According to matching media reports, around 1,000 companies in the campaign, which was initiated by the Berlin agency “Antoni”.

The youngest supporters include Aldi, Nivea, LinkedIn and Lufthansa. Numerous Clubs from the Bundesliga participate Likewise. Organizations such as the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Aid Foundation and Aktion Mensch also advertise for corona vaccination.

The stones started to roll 150 brands, which are their well -known and common Slogans changed for the educational work. Both large DAX groups and medium-sized companies are involved in the joint actions. The respective slogans move close to the original and leave a lasting impression. For example, BMW advertises with “joy in vaccination”, Edeka with “We love vaccination”, Warsteiner with “The only true: vaccinated” and Nespresso with “vaccinated. What Else? “.

Chancellor welcomes commitment. Olaf Scholz described the common campaign of the domestic economy as an outstanding sign of social responsibility and initiative. In his opinion, it is crucial that as many citizens as possible can be vaccinated. In this way, the virus could spread less.

Campaign is successful

The vaccination campaign is not only a solidarity act, but according to Sven Dörrenbrecher, Managing Partner of Antoni, is also an absolute success. In the meantime, the campaign has the brand of 500 million intercations Broken through. In addition, survey results would show that active communication for vaccination has a positive effect. However, it would have to take place at eye level and personable, not with the index finger raised.

As part of the campaign, the online market research institute Appinio commissioned a study that 1,002 Americans interviewed. Around 53 percent would have stated that they had perceived the campaign. The campaign would even have 73 percent of those surveyed for good to very good. This one positive in society arrive, they would welcome the commitment of the individual companies.

Own website. For the joint campaign, the participating companies have set up their own website, which can be reached at www.brandsgekegeCorona.de. Among other things, all brands and corporations that are part of the campaign are listed on this. There is also further information. Companies that are interested in supporting the campaign can register via the website.