YGAM starts youth protection campaign

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Maximilian Deininger 9. November 2020

The youth protection organization for gambling education Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) has started a new campaign. This was announced last Monday in a press release from the organization. Specifically, the campaign aims to ensure even better, effective and targeted anti-game addiction prevention for primarily English minors or young players. The initiative is supported by the non -profit sports organizations Streetgames and a foundation of the county of Yorkshire with the name Yorkshire Sport Foundation (YSF). In the future, endangered young people should be able to use free educational offers about dangers in online gambling and nationwide sports offers.

Few young people know which unknown dangers can lurk in the online gambling. From then on, Ygam wants to better educate about this. ((©Pexels/Pixabay)

Enlightenment yes, patronizing no

Gambling, especially gambling on the Internet, has done it in recent years to improve your own image and to give the reputation of a dodgy industry with criminal intentions. On the one hand, this is due to the modernized laws for the state regulation of gambling in almost all countries in Europe, but also due to the now numerous serious gambling providers who Your responsibility for education and addiction prevention more and more offenses.

That is why a new anti-game addiction campaign for young people from England is also welcomed and supported by many British gambling providers from the area of casino or online casino and sports betting. Specifically, it’s about one Initiative der Jugendschutzorganisation Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trustwho together with the non -profit sports organizations StreetGames And YSF has launched a nationwide campaign to clarify young people about potential dangers in gambling, especially online.

“Cooperation with sports clubs and organizations is a natural development of our youth protection project for YGAM and we have been making enormous progress in the development of new offers for young people for some time. Our values and our mission are clearly coordinated to protect children and ensure that every young person gets a healthy start to life. ”Sam Starsmore, National Education Manager at Ygam, Press release of the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust to the new youth protection campaign

The organizations and clubs are concerned with honesty and openness. That is the British gambling is currently not easy due to the corona pandemicNevertheless, those responsible for the organizations and campaign founders are aware that gambling in many parts of Great Britain belongs to social life. It is therefore not the goal of the initiative to bring gambling generally into disrepute, instead risks are to be presented transparently and methods are shown, How young players recognize signs of a potential gambling addiction and can protect yourself from them.

“The security and well -being of young people are of the utmost importance for the Yorkshire Sport Foundation. We work closely with local sports clubs and organizations to raise awareness of problems that can affect young people. We hope that through our commitment we can spread the messages and contribute to reducing the damage that young people suffer from games and gambling. ”Gillian Brown, SafeGuarding manager of the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, Press release of the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust to the new youth protection campaign

Sports clubs should and want to participate

However, the YGAM campaign is not limited to clarification and informative instruction about risks of gambling. Rather, behind the initiative is hidden holistic funding program for young people in England, which, in addition to the possibilities of free educational offers, should be active in terms of sport.

The offers and resources of the two sports organizations Streetgames and YSF will be available free of charge for all participants in the YGAM campaign. Both clubs are closely linked to local sports clubs And want to make it possible for young players to try out various sports in clubs in their places of residence free of charge and practice in the long term.

“Since we worked with street games and YSF, we have seen how passionate both organizations are in their work. It is good news for young people and their families who are supported by these organizations if they also share the goals of YGAM and support measures so that young people can use our training and resources faster and better. ”Sam Starsmore, National Education Manager at Ygam, Press release of the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust to the new youth protection campaign

Many English sports clubs are therefore already A positive about the goals and implementation of the anti-game hunted campaign And hope to be able to welcome numerous new young and motivated talents as new club members.