Wynn in Las Vegas before reopening

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Peter Brandt 25. May 2020

The Wynn Casino in Las Vegas recently created its own catalog of measures, with which the quickly reopening of the casino is to be ensured. After the US gambling stronghold in the Nevada desert had largely had to shut down the operation of the hotel, gastronomy and gambling complexes, the Wynn Casino is now pushing the governor of the state with an independently elaborated catalog of measures to advance the reopening of the dazzling casino as quickly as possible.

Empty tables will soon no longer exist in the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. ((©DanMSchell/Pixabay)

Wynn also wants to avoid crash on the entire gaming industry

Already in March, the governor of the US state of Nevada was forced to almost completely shut down Las Vegas. Never before had there been a political decision that provided that all Close casinos in Las Vegas indefinitely be.

Governor Steve Sisolak had had to take a lot of criticism since the decision that alternative from a health perspective, precisely because many political promises have not yet been observed.

Now there is further pressure, and this time from a very illustrious name. Matt Maddox Even, CEO of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, the US governor Sisolak has personally asked to take measures directly to ensure that at the latest this year the Wynn Casino, including all gastronomic facilities, can reopen.

Despite the economically excellent location, even the great Wynn Casino Sales loss to de facto zero to an economic problem. However, it was not only taken care of your own existence, but also about the survival of the entire US gaming industry.

“Nevada will likely be one of the hardest hit states in the nation and suffer very high unemployment. It is imperative to flatten this curve so we can re-emerge in a safe, sustainable way.”

Wynn with its own reopening plan

In order to ensure that it does not need a plan to work out, which will be able to reopen as soon as possible, the Wynn Resorts itself took the initiative and already A finished concept developed which defines concrete measures, how despite persistent pandemic A regulated and safe regular operation of the gaming plant can be guaranteed.

What measures does the Wynn plan provide? “If the casino Wynn is based, the workforce within the casinos should be reduced in order to prevent a risk of infection, and temperature measurements should also be carried out using thermal imaging cameras. In principle, however, there should be no accumulation of larger crowds. ”

One of the apparently important point of Wynn’s “Health Plan” is now mandatory Wearing a protective mask. This should also be available in the Wynn Casino in the future. However, this protective measure planned as a duty is already criticized for visitors to the casino, because although the health risk can be reduced, it could increase the security risk.

Cameras are usually used in US casinos like the Wynn Casino face recognition feature. The data records obtained from this can be compared quickly and digitally with, for example, official databases. This system, which has been tried and tested over many years, is said to have prevented criminal plans before execution.

Market is eagerly awaiting the reopening

From an economic point of view, a quick reopening is not only for the Wynn Casino itself, but of course also for investors, shareholders and other stakeholders of great interest. How a reopening and the resumption of the game could affect the entire market is not clear, even if Maddox looks into this future positively.

However, the guidelines of the US president should also be decisive. The one in Las Vegas Union Gaming-Analyst John DeCree at least said in a recently published report that larger public buildings and events, which also include casinos in Las Vegas, could first reopen, provided certain precautions are taken.

“It is still unclear what the distancing rules for casinos could look like, but it could include a reduced game capacity, a greater distance between active slot machines, fewer seats at live play tables and masks for dealers.”