Cube game: arrests in Berlin

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Peter Brandt July 9, 2021

The police arrested several suspects in a Berlin park because they had played illegal gambling. According to the official police report, a total of 15 people were found by civil servants in an illegal dice game. The message left open the kind of gambling. The Berlin police, on the other hand, put the amount of the game mission on a five -digit sum that was confiscated as part of the mission.

A total of nine women and men are said to have been involved in the outdoor gambling game in the Prussian park. ((©emkanicepic/Pixabay)

Civil investigation leads to police operation

The illegal dice game in the Prussian park in Wilmersdorf was after Official police report Only noticed thanks to the watchful eye of the responsible civilians. In their routine patrol, these became aware of the unauthorized outdoor gambling game because Several people behave extremely conspicuously had. The suspicious group would have shielded a spread ceiling with dice and cash, which, according to the investigators, is said to have served as a field for illegal gaming activities.

After the civil servants deliberately passed the alleged crime scene and observed the activity of the suspicious group from a safe distance, they noticed that they were repeated during the course of the game Several banknotes passed between the individual people became. From this point on at the latest, the officials were convinced that it was a form of illegal gambling. As a result, the shady event was dissolved with the help of a large police force – a total of 20 police officers were involved.

As can be seen from the official report, nine women and men between the ages of 43 and 66 were the alleged masterminds behind the illegal dice game. The remaining six suspects, who are said to have been between 36 and 80 years old, were involved in the event as “normal” players. Overall, the Berlin police confiscated around 13,000 $ that had most likely served as a game. In addition, the officials would have collected two cell phones, but the services of which were not explained in the further course of the investigation.

In broad daylight. The fact in Berliner Park is unusual in that the suspects chose both a public place and an unusual time of day for the illegal gambling. So the police dissolved the unauthorized dice game in broad daylight at 1:00 p.m.

Illegal gambling in Berlin parks

The dissolution of illegal outdoor gambling in the Berlin parks is no unknown scenario for the police. Just a month ago there was also a fact in a busy green area that had a connection to gambling. According to the matching media reports, the crime department of the capital police and a hundred of the hundred on June 6, 2021 arrested several suspects in Treptower Park. They were accused of Illegal hats games cheated unsuspecting passers -by to have. A total of two women and eight men were involved in the crime.

Structured approach. In the police report at the time, the ten suspects were charged to lead their victims targeted and structured. The unsuspecting passers -by usually didn’t even notice that they were cheated.

Hochburg of the illegal gambling

Berlin has always been a hot plaster when it comes to illegal gambling. But especially during the Corona pandemic, the location in the capital is just overturning. The Berlin police had regularly to do with the resolution of illegal gaming activities. As a result, the capital decorated a stronghold for the unauthorized gambling in the past winter months.

The negative development was not surprising for many industry experts, associations and companies. The Lockdown forced the terrestrial casinos and arcades to close over several months. Conversely, the regulated and controlled range of games fell completely away, which not only made the exercise of the sewage order impossible, but also Moving into the black market left.

Again and again the Berlin police were forced to do so to move out against illegal gambling activities. The officials had to dissolve mostly unauthorized events in closed restaurants and other company facilities, but also gatherings of several people in private apartments or vacant buildings had to dissolve. There were Slot machines, gaming tables and other gambling equipment confiscated.

Infection protection and gambling law. Often a suspected violation of the applicable infection protection was the reason why the Berlin police moved out. The officials wanted to prevent the Coronavirus from being used by resolutions by unauthorized meetings. The discovery of illegal gambling activities was usually more by -catch. For this reason, many player and youth protection officers in the industry suspect that the loss of the Infection Protection Act will offer the Black Market more scope again.