WSOP: Corona rules published

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Lennart folder 23. August 2021

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has set up separate regulations due to the corona pandemic. As a result, the organizer wants to ensure that the health security of all people involved is preserved during the tournament. Since the virus is still a threat, the rules contain the specific procedure for suspected infection. The WSOP is scheduled to take place on September 30, 2021 in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and gives its comeback after a year.

Although the WSOP is to take place again this year, the organizers continue to rely on maximum protection against the Corona virus. ((©Keenan Constance/Unsplash)

Criticism from the community

Last year the WSOP How many other major events are pausing due to the rampant Corona pandemic. On September 30 of this year, the prestigious poker tournament series is to take place again, but the organizers are aware that The danger that comes from the corona virus, nor does it have subsided. For this reason, the recently published regulations were given separate measures, which should apply in the event of an infection.

The idea and intention behind the Corona rules seem logical at first glance, but some areas of implementation recently met with violent criticism from the poker community. Especially the Section 115 of the rules Currently heats the minds. This gives both the WSOP employees and the Rio workforce the right to exclude the players from the tournament at their own discretion.

Rule 115. The controversial discussed rule 115 entitled the WSOP staff and the Rio to disqualify the players for health or safety -relevant reasons. The associated section states that this measure is based on the official guidelines of the US disease protection authority “Centers for Disease Control”.

Positiver Corona-Test

Even if the respective employees are allowed to make the disqualification decision at their own discretion, the rule 115 only comes into play when a positive Corona-Test or participants have been in the immediate vicinity of a positively tested person for more than 15 minutes. This should ensure that the Spread virus unhindered during the event can. An additional disqualification authority applies if referred participants defend themselves against a necessary health or security examination.

In addition, the WSOP regulations have written down that with a disqualification No right to compensation goes hand in hand. Referred players would neither be paid out or reimbursed their chips nor would they have any claim to any other form of damage compensation. According to statues, it also does not matter whether the end of the game is excluded directly at the beginning or later of the tournament.

Tournament termination. The hard gait of the WSOP with Corona-related disqualifications attribute many scenic experts to the fear of a tournament abort. Since the virus continues to be a real and acute threat, the event is on shaky legs. An infection among the participants is a scenario accordingly, which both the organizers and the operators of the Rio want to avoid.

Poker community speaks up

The Corona regulations have little thought out of many tournament participants, industry experts and WSOP protagonists. The poker community fears that the right of disqualification without a suitable test infrastructure quickly in arbitrariness and in unfounded decisions result can. In addition, it is almost impossible to track which person was near an infected person for at least 15 minutes. To do this, every step and every movement of the participants must be tracked.

To make matters worse, it continues Hypensable handling of covid-19 In addition. Some of the ends recently expressed their concerns about false diagnoses via Twitter. In this way there is a risk that a slight cough or clearing of a cleara can lead to a disqualification. Accordingly, it must be ensured 100 percent whether any indications of Corona infection may be considered as such.

Vanessa Kade, professional poker player and ambassador for America’s Cartroom, suggested People vaccinated during the WSOPbecause of them would result in a lower infection and health risk. In their opinion, the rules must be adjusted accordingly.

Vaccination progress. If the WSOP is involved in Vanessa Kade’s proposal and vaccinated participants in accommodation, the vaccination progress should primarily decide on the success of this strategy. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKO), almost 169 million people are currently completely vaccinated in the United States-just over half of the total population. Since a few days and weeks pass by the WSOP to start, the number of vaccinated people could increase again. However, on the poker event there are not only Americans, which water down to a certain degree.