WSOP 2023: A complete success!

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Lennart folder 3. August 2023

This year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) was the largest and most successful edition of the tournament series. This emerges from the numbers, data and statistics, which the organizers recently published on the Poker tournament website.


The 53rd edition of the WSOP took place for the first time in Paris and in the Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip. ((© Eloy Gameno /unsplash.com)


Successful debut on the Las Vegas Strip

This year’s WSOP caused a sensation before it starts, since that for the first time Bally’s and Paris on Las Vegas Strip as the venue kept up. Previously, the poker tournament was located in the Rio, but the players had had its day due to persistent criticism.

Cleanliness & crime The WSOP has taken place in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in the past 17 years. There was little to complain about for a long time, but criticism increased in the recent past. Among other things, the players complained about the cleanliness of the hotel casino and the high crime rate.

From May 31 to July 20, the 53rd edition of the prestigious poker tournament broke one record after the other. The focus was particularly on that Prize money and the number of participants. In both sections, this year’s WSOP towered over all previously existent editions.

Around 182,662 poker players gathered in Las Vegas to compete in the numerous events and events – record! In the Bottled by the corona pandemic Series 2021 was just half. The large crowd and the associated range screwed the overall price pool considerably at height. According to official information, the main event alone generated one Price pool of $ 80,782,474 – the greatest ever.

Around 8,633 players took part in the main event. Just 110 more participants were missing And the main event would also have set a new record in terms of participant.

Total pricing pool of over $ 300 million

In its 52-year history, the WSOP has bracelet events in 1,693 more than 3.8 billion US dollars in prize money released to the players. However, the overall pricing pool of the individual editions has never been as high as this year. According to the official figures, the profit amount exceeded the limit of 300 million $ for the first time.

The “Monster Stack” tournament attracted a lot of attention away from the main event. The event requested a buy-in of $ 1,500 and attracted around 6,501 participants who generated a price pool of $ 8.7 million. Even more money was in the game in the event “Millionaire Maker”, which also asked for a buy-in $ 1,500. here the price pool was $ 10.6 millionthat was played out among the 7,961 participants.

“Colossus” lived up to its name. At the tournament With 13,565 an above average number of players part. With a buy-in $ 400, a total of $ 4.5 million was distributed to the participants.

Tournament plan The tournament plan of the 53rd edition of the WSOP comprised around 89 events in various poker variants. In addition to Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em and Seven Card Stud, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw and mixed variants were played. The buy-in settled between $ 400 and $ 250,000.

Main event winner

The main event is the nonultra of the World Series of Poker. The best, most accomplished and finest players are fighting for the big money here. Around 8,663 participants started, but only one could prevail at the final table: Espen Jorstad. The Norwegian kept the upper hand and won a sum of $ 10.0 million.

As a second -placed Attenborough secured $ 6.0 million. Michael Duek, the third place, received prize money of $ 4.0 million.

Espen Jorstad is the first Norwegian to win the WSOP main event. He thus trumps his compatriot Felix Stephensen, who in 2014 narrowly missed victory And lost in heads-up.

taxation As a native Norwegian, Jorstad would have to tax his profit in his home country with 28 percent. However, since the winner of the Main event now lives in Great Britain and has its main residence there, he can keep his million dollar gain. Gambling gains do not have to be taxed on the island.

In addition to Jorstad, Attenborough, Duek and the many other millions, the WSOP itself also emerges as a big winner. The numerous records and milestones as well as the successful Debut on Las Vegas Strip May the organizers Give buoyancy for the next year.