WSOP 2021: Insider stirs up rumors

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Lennart folder March 8, 2021

Industry insider Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers wants to have learned that the WSOP 2021 should take place in Las Vegas. He announced by Twitter that a high -ranking manager of the World Series of Poker confirmed that the tournament should take place live in Las Vegas as well. According to reports of various US media, Mathers should have the necessary network in order to find out trustworthy information about the world’s largest poker tournament. In recent years, he has been responsible for the social media appearance of the WSOP.

According to Insider Kevin Mathers, the World Series of Poker should take place in Las Vegas as planned. ((©YS-Park/Pixabay)

Twitter post causes excitement

Where exactly Kevin Mathers obtains his information from is unclear at the current time. For the general public A mail serves as a source on the social network Twitter, which the industry insider dropped on March 2, 2021. In this he confirms that the Word Series of Poker Live will take place in Las Vegas:

“I spoke to a high -ranking official of the WSOP last night and can give you answers to two of the most common questions. The World Series of Poker will take place live in 2021. However, the tournament is completed outside the regular time window, which usually includes the months of May to July. The current planning is also linked to the prerequisite that the situation around Corona pandemic is still improving. ”Kevin Mathers, Professional poker er, Official Twitter post

Reaktion des WSOP-Managers

With over 36,000 followers, Kevin Mathers on Twitter has a long range that does not make the mail unimportant to the unofficial confirmation of the WSOP from an industry perspective. It is therefore not surprising that the WSOP had to go into the burgeoning discussion regarding the truth content of the statement. Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Series of Poker, used the industry media as a mouthpiece And indicated that it would not allow the current situation around the rampant corona pandemic to carry concrete details about the poker tournament to the public. It is simply too early for that.

Stewart emphasized that at the moment they were waiting for the requirements of the states and the respective municipalities. The vaccination progress in the United States is also not entirely unimportant. The WSOP managing director was unsuspecting where Kevin Mathers received his information from and stated in the same breath that an announcement would be communicated at a suitable time. He is aware that many poker fans and players expect a WSOP comeback in the second half of the year. But without a concept that The security and comfort of the participants guarantee, is not possible to plan and run the World Series of Poker 2021 in Las Vegas.

Debate in PokerCommunity. The uncertainty about the start of the WSOP ensures a lot of hustle and bustle in the poker community. Many of his followers saw the Twitter post by Kevin Mathers as a reason to be happy, even if the industry insider himself defused his information. In the comment section, he showed understanding for the current reluctance of the WSOP managers, since nobody knew exactly how pandemic will develop in the near future.


Like many other major event, the World Series of Poker depends on the pandemic development. Even large caliber like the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games Handling various concepts to ensure a reasonably safe event. The WSOP is similar. In particular, the effects of the second wave are likely to be careful by the organizers of the poker tournament.

After Las Vegas the summer 2020 due to the Restrictive measures Had survived well, the number of new infection in the winter months explosively shot up. The maximum status was reached on December 10, 2020 when 2,735 new infections were reported. After a short recovery phase, the numbers rose again on January 10, 2021, so that Las Vegas tightened the Corona measures again. Since the gaming metropolis seems to have the pandemic under control to some extent – From the WSOP’s point of view, certainly a good sign. Nevertheless, Ty Stewart cannot be looked at the cards.

Las Vegas in Corona times. If the World Series of Poker actually takes place live in Las Vegas this year, the gaming metropolis should awaken from its trance -like state. Since the pandemic effects, almost complete tourism has broken out of the US city, which has robbed the numerous casinos and hotels the business basis.