WSOP 2019: Three additional events for the anniversary

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Laura Weber January 21, 2019

From May 28 to July 16, 2019, the World Series of Poker will take place in Las Vegas (WSOP). It is the unofficial world of poker championship and will be held for the 50th time this year. The main event is considered the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Numerous other tournaments round off the WSOP. For the milestone birthday, the poker tournament series is now to be expanded to include three more events.

The WSOP is to be expanded by three additional events in 2019.

WSOP 2019 is imminent

The largest poker tournament series in the world, the WSOP in Las Vegas, celebrate your 50th birthday in 2019, which is why the owner of the WSOP, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, despite already published, proudly announced, proudly announced the WSOP 2019 to enlarge three more events. this year’s wsop will take place in the rio all-suite hotel and casino from may 28th to july 16th. the majority of this year’s wsop tournaments have already been determined, but those responsible for caesar’s interactive entertainment seem to be willing to talk to additional tournaments on their birthday. according to the announcement by vice president jack eifel, the wsop is to be a mini main event (buy-in $ 1,000), a colossus event (buy-in of $ 400) and a one-day super turbo event (buy in of $ 1,000). the additional tournaments are primarily geared towards amateurs who cannot afford the large buy-ins from tens of thousand us dollars, but still want to compete against poker professionals. jack eifel commented on the expansion in an official press release as follows: “since this is our 50th wsop, we do everything we can do to make this year’s run greater, better and more valuable for the players.” What is the WSOP?: the wsop, the world series or poker, is the most important poker tournament series in the world. since 1970 she has been taking place in las vegas every year and attracts thousands of players from all over the world. poker tournaments from the poker variants such as omaha, seven card stud or no limit holdem are held over a period of six weeks. in addition to remarkable prize money, there is also a so -called “wsop bracelet”, a valuable bracelet, which is also enormous in the poker scene. the main event, which is played at the end of the tournament series, is considered the unofficial world of poker championship and usually has a high four-digit number of participants (in 2018 there were 7,874 players) and a multi-million dollar price pool (2018: 74.015,600 us dollars, approx. 64,240,000 million $ ). the winner of the main event in 2018, john cynn, was able to look forward to a winning bonus of $ 8,800,000, the equivalent of around 7,640,000 $ .

These events should enlarge the WSOP

  • Das Colossus Event: With $ 400 Buy-in, the “Colossus Event” is the WSOP poker tournament with the lowest starting fee. The participants can get into the tournament either on June 26 (starting day A) or on June 27 (starting day B). Not only the low buy-in, but also the attractive blind structure-the participants receive 40,000 chips at the start of the tournament and the blind level only increases every 40 minutes-enable a balanced and also conservative game and do not require early Kamikaze actions.

  • Das Mini Main Event: The “Mini Main Event” demands a buy-in of $ 1,000 and has the option of two starting days, either on July 1st or on July 2nd. The Poker variant No Limit Holdem is played. The players start at the poker table with a stack of 60,000 chips. The blinds are then increased in a 30-minute rhythm.

  • Die One-Day Super Turbo Bounty-Turniere: “Bust or Glory” – this simple motto is not only action -packed, but also attractive. With a buy-in of $ 1,000 or $ 1,500, the “One-Day Super Turbo Bounty tournaments” are extremely popular. The participants start with a tiny start-up capital of 20 Big Blinds and the blind level increases every 20 minutes. This ensures a lot of action and numerous “all-ins”. A bounty, a so-called bounty, is paid for every eliminated opponent depending on buy-in, either $ 300 or $ 500. At the beginning of the tournament, each player receives a special chip, the “Bounty Maker”, which each player has to put in the middle of the poker table when the elimination is impending. If a player wins such a chip because he has thrown out another participant, he can exchange it for the corresponding bounty at the player service in the Tropical Ballroom of the Rio-Hotel and Casino. If a player loses his “Bounty Maker” during the tournament, it will be expensive. Then the player has to pay the value of the bounty again-true to the WSOP regulations.

There are other highlights for the milestone birthday

In addition to the three additional events, the 50th edition of the WSOP has other highlights especially for players with a lower budget. For example, at “Millionaire maker tournament” with a comparatively small buy-in of $ 1,000, a winning prize money of over one million us dollars is obtained. since the blind level, i.e. the regular increase in basic operations, only increases every 60 minutes and the players are not under immense pressure from the start, the participant is also offered a fair price-performance ratio. seniors with the seniors and the super seniors tournament are also given a special opportunity to measure themselves with their peers. a minimum age of 50 years is the basic requirement for the seniors tournament. at the super seniors tournament, the age of 60 must be reached for participation. buy-in for the extraordinary tournaments are $ 1,000 each. it remains exciting whether further highlights and changes will be launched by the wsop managers at short notice. after all, you only become 50 years old – this also applies to a tournament.