Why are sports betting becoming increasingly popular?

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Maximilian Deininger December 27, 2018

Digitization continues to progress. And thus more and more new offers are being developed, which can be used as a location and also independent of time. Sports bets are currently particularly popular. For some years now, the numbers have rapidly increased “sports weather”, the sports betting market not only generates billions in USA. But how can this enthusiasm be explained? Scientists now found that this is not solely due to technical progress.

Sports and smartphones are connected to each other by sports betting apps at the latest.

Institute for journalism examines sports betting

It should be known that American sport, especially of course, love football. From large to small, young to old and also from man to woman, football enthusiasm in USA makes no difference between age groups or genders. Football connects, and not only since the World Cup in its own country in 2006. As the football enthusiasm has been lived out, something has changed for several years.

“we have observed that betting games are becoming increasingly popular.” – Michael Sülflow, Study leader at the Institute for Publicistics at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

because while the proportion of football fans, who often step against the ball themselves, continues to decrease – only 6.3 percent of all American football fans themselves play regularly – the number of those who actively give sports betting increases annually. according to surveys, over three million Americans state that they regularly take part in sports betting. but how can this enthusiasm be explained? that is The number of sports betting providers is also continuously increasing On, online bookmakers are increasingly represented in TV advertising ports and even sponsors the big teams of American football, but scientists from the Institute of Publicistics wanted to Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz not satisfied with these explanations. that is why the men and women decided to take a closer look at sports betting. in their study, the scientists primarily wanted to clarify what exactly the enthusiasm for sports betting is – and what strategies the participants like to use.

Social aspects more important than profits

In the course of their investigation, the employees of the Mainz University created their own private top -round with a total of 300 participants, of whom 60 percent male, 40 percent female. This distribution should correspond to the actual gender distribution of people who regularly take part in sports betting.

“this distribution gender distribution corresponds to the expectations of such betting communities.” – Michael Sülflow, Study leader at the Institute for Publicistics at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

during the examination, the participants were interviewed about their betting behavior. the main focus was on betting strategies, the use of media for obtaining information and the actual motivation to take part in a tip priority at all. in the end it turned out that for many participants it was not only the enthusiasm for sports or the prospect of gaining money, but the social aspect, the For joy and motivation worried. The common entertainment about strategies, the discussion about results and the security of having a topic of conversation with friends and colleagues that are all interested in the decisive points here.

The best -informed winnings

However, it is also interesting who ended up racing among the participants. As it turned out, those who not only followed their intuition and gut feeling were able to assert themselves in the front places, but also placed their bets with a system.

“however, the men in particular take part in such bets because they want to compete with others. and those who found out more about football also cut off better. ” – Michael Sülflow, Study leader at the Institute for Publicistics at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

it also became clear that media use sometimes increased three times. the participants took the tip prost very seriously and tried to get an information advantage through relevant media. in the end, it was also these people who achieved better typing results. in total, the scientists were able to name three betting strategies that were used by all participants:

  • Expert strategy: These participants bet on information that also moved into media. The last game results, current team information and the shape of a team were observed.
  • Data strategy: These participants noticed only the betting odds when submitting their tips.
  • Sympathy strategy: Emotional aspects played a role here, for example, the favorite team was used or on teams in which particularly likeable/attractive players played.

In the end, the scientists came to the conclusion that one Combination of the expert and data strategy In the long term, the best prospects for success, even if, as mentioned, it is not so much important to many.