Virtual Reality is the future of online gambling

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Peter Brandt 8. April 2020

The market research company Persistent Market Research has published an analysis on the expected development of online gambling. Accordingly, the virtual reality (VR) in the industry will be preserved solely in the future. Various providers of online gambling as well as numerous software and game developers are working intensively on the VR gambling. The aim is to inspire players from the younger generation of the online gambling.

It is only a matter of time before Virtual Reality gets into the online casinos of the world. ((©jazilykenneth/Pixabay)

China, the USA and Japan march in advance

The development of virtual reality In the area of online gambling, it is promoted worldwide. However, the most intensive work is being carried out on the new technology in the United States as well as the Asian countries of China and Japan. The division is most likely on The high number of video games players in the respective countries. In addition, the sales of VR-capable consoles and the associated equipment are steadily increasing in the said markets.

The sales of virtual reality products have been increasing for years. ”According to a survey by the Statista Statistics Institute, the global market volume of goods from the area of virtual reality in 2016 was around $ 6.1 billion. Until the end of this year, experts expect an increase of 300 percent compared to 2016. This would increase the market volume to a total of $ 18.8 billion. ”

Online casino games on the rise, but not yet equal

Virtual reality is on the rise in many areas of life. So far, however, mainly players of special video games and parts of the eSports scene have had with VR technology. However, these players do not belong to the potential target group of online Casinos, according to various studies, they are rather little to little indulging in gambling on the Internet. On the one hand, it is often simple and simply due to the age of the gamers and eSporters, since they often are not yet of legal age And therefore don’t have the opportunity to play online.

Furthermore, many of them are also spoiled by a technological standard of the popular games, which the video slots of the providers of online gambling do not approach. Of course, the basic orientation of the games is a different one, but the differences in the sometimes complex graphics and the sound of the normal games are still blatant. However, this fact should be specifically through The integration of virtual reality into the gaming experience of online video slots soon belong to the past. This was also confirmed by the market research company Persistent Market Research:

“The graphic in VR gambling is realistic, especially when it comes to online slots. Thanks to the graphics and the experience factor that lure players into the VR gambling, the VR gambling market experienced rapid growth. ”

There are already initial successes in the development of VR-online gambling offers. In special online casinos, players can not only gamble at slot machines or at gaming tables, but also during their break take place at the counter of a virtual bar. This is intended to imitate an even realistic visit to the casino. The further development should be perfected so that the player forgets his environment and really feels like in a real casino.

Will there be online casinos in USA in the future?

There are already some selected online casinos that have VR casino games in their range of games. The special VR slots come from the development of game manufacturers such as Microgaming, Netent or Pragmatic Play. In USA -based gamers, however, this offer has to do without, at least if they do not want to cross the limits of American gambling legislation. The online casinos that already offer the VR games in their portfolio have theirs Headquarters in other European countries and are not licensed in USA.

However, this is expected to change next year, since the state ministers have agreed on the basic legalization of online gambling from the middle of next year. However, the area of virtual reality has not yet been promoted particularly strongly in USA. This proves a look at The low investment sums in this area. This is also due to the costly purchase of such equipment, which in turn reduces the potential new customer trunk. However, the expected legalization of the online gambling could change the basically reserved attitude of the American industry compared to VR technology.