Suspicious sports betting declined

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Maximilian Deininger February 2, 2023

The number of suspicious and manipulated sports betting fell by 13 percent worldwide in 2021. This emerges from a report by the “International Betting Integrity Association” (IBIA). The global sports betting association has evaluated all warnings and incidents related to striking bets in the past year. The result: The number of reports is still low, even declining.

As can be seen from the report of the IBIA, tennis is still particularly susceptible to game manipulations and attempts at fraud. ((©Pexels/Pixabay)

Sports betting in the USA

When the legalization of sports betting in the United States increasingly spread in 2018, critics and industry observers fear one Increase in game manipulations. The great sports leagues in the country (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB) shared these concerns and were critical of the nationwide liberalization.

However, the fear should be unfounded. Noisy Return If the reports for conspicuous sports betting last year Global amounts to a total of 239 – As many as in 2018. Only four reports were registered in the United States. There were still 17 in the year. This corresponds to a decline of 76 percent.

In general, 2020 was to be booked as a outlier in which 270 incidents were reported worldwide. The Ibia put it into perspective Increase through the corona pandemic. Due to the pandemic effects, the traditional betting shops had to be completely closed at times. This led to an increase in online sports betting, the more scope for Illegal activities would have offered. Game manipulations and betting scandals were the consequence.

Khalid Ali, CEO of the IBIA, described the year 2020 in a public statement as a “fright -specter” that worldwide for the Cancellation of numerous sporting events was responsible. As a result, the betting providers and bookmakers ultimately broke away the basis of their business model.

Recreation phase. Ali welcomes that the reports for conspicuous sports betting after the crisis year 2020 are declining. This enables the return to normal everyday business and promotes the integrity of global sport.

Europe remains the problem child

According to the IBIA report, Europe is still responsible for most incidents. In view of the long industry history on the continent, this is not surprising. Of the 239 registered cases, a total of 188 to the account of European countries. At the top there was Russia with 27 reported suspected manipulation.

South America. The South American sports betting industry had to deal with very few competition scandals last year. This shows the number of registered incidents. A total of 17 were reported. Elf would have occurred in Brazil – seven in football, two in tennis and a case in beach volleyball and in the futsal. The remaining manipulation suspected declined on Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

Tennis and football remain problem cases

The trend that striking sports betting takes place particularly in tennis and football has been confirmed again. Potential shifts, attempts to manipulate and agreements that had been reported to the IBIA would have 80 percent in tennis. Football counts around 66 percent.

Although both sports are considered problem cases, there is a downward trend in tennis. 98 reports were received in 2020. In 2021 there were 81 reports reported – almost 18 percent less. The Ibia sees one Long -term improvement in integrity in tennissince the registered manipulation attempts would still have been 178 and 101 in 2018 and 2019.

ITF confirms trend. Fewer reports of suspicious sports betting were also received by the “International Tennis Federation” (ITF). The number fell from 50 in 2020 to 37 in 2021. However, the association recently moved the statistics in perspective, since persistent scandals in tennis are drawn a completely different picture.

The biggest problem child remains football according to the IBIA numbers. The most popular sport in the world is still one Popular goal for manipulated sports betting. Around 66 cases were received by the association – the highest number that Ibia has ever recorded for sport. In 2020 there were still 61.

1,222 incidents since 2017

The latest IBIA report includes 239 incidents in 13 sports. The manipulated sports betting would have happened in 49 countries. The association has had since 2017 1,222 reports in 19 sports and in 101 countries receive.

Consequences. Last year, eleven teams and players were convicted of being involved in suspects and fraudulent sports betting. They were occupied with locks and fines. Some athletes such as the Ukrainian tennis player Stanislav Poplavskyy were even permanently closed. He must never take part in an official game or an official tournament again.