USA: Horse bets without a future

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Maximilian Deininger 1. November 2021

Horse bets have a difficult stand in the United States, but betting providers want to invest in the market. Above all, the gaming service provider “Sports Info Solutions (SIS)” is planning a massive expansion in equestrian sport. Despite the booming US sports betting market, this has to struggle with a falling demand.

The sports betting market in the USA is dominated by the NFL because a large part of the bets are placed on football games. ((©Adrian Curiel/Unsplash)

Hype around sports betting

Sports betting are a young business area in the United States. Bookmakers and betting providers have only been able to act relatively freely on the US market since 2018. Previously, sports betting with gains were prohibited according to legislation. In the meantime, the status quo of the American gambling market looks much more liberal. In Many states were legalized sports bettingwhich in turn caused a gigantic hype.

However, equestrian sport could not benefit from this boom – on the contrary. In the recent past they are Sales for horse bets have dropped massively. The entire industry and their fans were faced with numerous steps, which were not passed without a trace even in public. As a consequence, the Reputation of horse sports suffered enormously. To date, the sparked hype about the US sports betting market has not changed.

Billion dollar business. The United States are a sports -loving nation. Sports such as American football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball are deeply rooted in the country’s DNA. The US population also maintains a similarly intimate relationship with gambling. Accordingly, it was not surprising that the legalization of the sports betting that has been banned so far unleashed a business in 2018, the potential of which seems immeasurable. As can be seen from a report by the “Spiegel”, the US sports betting industry generated more than $ 70 billion in the first three years.

Animal abuse & doping

The equestrian sport is generally considered the forefather of the sports betting. However, these “glorious” times have been behind for a long time. In today’s era, the formerly prestigious sport becomes largely overshadowed by negative headlines and scandalsthat gave the industry a very bad image. Due to the falling demand, many racing cars were forced to close their gates forever.

Media ensured, among other things, for abused animals and because of Doping For unwanted attention. Various animal welfare associations and organizations accused the industry that To subordinate the horses to economic success. The animals were not only treated poorly, but also driven to their performance limit with stimulating means.

Collateral damage. Renowned racetracks and events have always made a very great value to measure the well -being of their depths. Nevertheless, incidents around animal abuse and doping have increased in the recent past. A few racing tracks set up an image damage that the rest of the industry must now iron out.

SIS signals high willingness to invest

The bad reputation of equestrian sport also has consequences for the horse bets. So the sales figures have been since 2002 continuously sinking. At that time, over $ 15 billion was implemented. Today, the numbers for “only” eleven billion US dollars are.

However, the negative development does not seem to deter some players in the sports betting industry to continue to invest in the horse betting market. The racing organizer Churchill Downs has been able to increase its own stock value by half since the summer. SIS also wants to bring about a similar upswing. According to his own statement, the gaming service provider plans one massive investment in the business with horse betting.

However, the group does not approach its proclaimed project blue -eyed. According to Michele Fischer, head of the subsidiary SIS Content Services, the company was aware that initially one Change of meaning within the industry must be carried out before the targeted change succeeds.

Sports Info Solutions (SIS). The gambling service provider is now active in numerous divisions within the industry. However, the group started as a data analyst in baseball. The original business was even expanded to the American Football in 2015.

New betting model for equestrian sport

In order to be able to change the horse betting, SIS is planning to install a new betting model for the first step. In contrast to the original approach of many bookmakers, the gaming service provider wants Do not rely on the “totalizer model”. The total quotas are only determined after all bets are submitted, which in turn brings with it a certain uncertainty for betting.

Sis is for your own platforms Install fixed oddsthat are also used in most other sports. With this approach, the brand wants to stand out very clearly from the competitors.

Competition follows According to Michelle Fischer, SIS is not alone with the new model approach. In the meantime, other bookmakers would also deal with the system of fixed odds.