US sports betting picks up speed

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Maximilian Deininger 23. October 2020

After the restart of the great American sports leagues, there are record-breaking numbers to report in the sports betting segment. The background to this development is the almost simultaneous starting signal for the great US sports leagues NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, i.e. the highest US sports leader in football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. In the United States, sports business was discontinued in all sports leaves due to the corona pandemic and the devastating infection figures in the entire country. Now, however, the professional sport should continue. After the first games, not only was the joy of the US sports fans huge, but also among the bookmakers. In many US states, they were able to record impressive numbers shortly after the sports events.

In particular, the start of the NFL should bring in horrendous sales figures in the USA. An end to the discussions is not achieved. ((© Skeeze/Pixabay.com)

NFL launch ensures that in Las Vegas

Admittedly, not too much time has passed since the significant liberalization of the US sports betting market, which is why it is likely that new records in the sports betting segment have to be reported in the future. This fact should not cloud the current joy of many US sports betting providers, on the contrary. These could recently Amazing sales figures and some of them even record records. Not only for the athletes is the remaining type of US sport that is a reason for massive joy.

As In an article by the Las Vegas Review journal A few days ago, many bookmakers in Las Vegas were able to record enormous profits after the NFL games between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaners and the Greenbay Packers. The sports betting companies did not want to be elicited, Chuck Esposito, director of the sports betting department at the Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, spoke of the highest sales and thus Best competition this year.

“These results were promising and gratifying in the midst of constant travel warnings, reducing visits from outside the state, as well as restrictions on capacity, equipment and entertainment that did not make it comparable to the previous year in 2020.”Fucking wealth, Chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission Zeittongederviev mit fucking rich

US sports betting market is booming like never before

But even if the almost parallel start of all top leagues in US sports certainly affected the positive sales results of some sports betting providers in the US Positive development trends on the US sports betting market to be seen, especially in Nevada.

Sports betting market in Nevada is growing unstoppableA few months ago at the end of summer, numbers from the sports betting segment for the US state of Nevada were published. In July and August 2020 alone, the sports betting market was able to grow growth by 26 percent. In absolute numbers, this means an increase of $ 743 million.

In addition to Nevada, it also looks good for sports betting providers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After the American professional sport had resumed the game, In the US state of New Jersey, new sales records after a short time be reported. after the recently published Zahlen Der New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Sports bets were completed last September alone, which cumulates a sum of $ 748 million. In August it was already $ 668 million, including a record-breaking value that was powdered just a month later. There were similar figures in Pennsylvania, where a total of $ 462.8 million were implemented by sports betting in September 2020. Similar to New Jersey, the sales result from August 2020 was significantly improved, and also by almost $ 100 million. Since sports betting are now also allowed in Indian casinos in the USA, there could soon be further reports about new record numbers. But it should already be clear that the resumption of sports in the U.S. top leagues not only for fans and athletes, but just also for the economy Finally gives a reason to joy again.