Gaming and gambling should save US casinos

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Peter Brandt 12. June 2019

Anyone who takes a look at Las Vegas, the gambling stronghold ever, and in the casinos there, you will most likely look at people who are already in the best phase of life. But this could become a problem in the future. Because the main source of income for US casinos, the slot machines, are almost exclusively in demand for older people. In a few years, a large target group could break away. That is why US casinos want to modify the game principle of the one-armed bandits. In addition to happiness, skill should also decide on profit or loss. Elements from video games should be used.

This picture symbolizes Las Vegas: Colorful gaming machines in countless quantities. Soon a new kind of machine game could suppress these classics.(©Pixabay)

Does Gaming ensure the future of gambling?

The average age of a American who visits a casino in Las Vegas is included 36 years. However, those who are significantly older are much older One -armed bandits try to dust off the big win. here the average age is 58 years. in other words, us casinos in las vegas have a demographic problem that could develop into an existential economic factor in the not too distant future. because in the latest in 40 years at the latest, the current main customer group will no longer remain too many people. and the younger generation apparently shows no interest in the classic slot machines. the problem: they set about around a year 40 Mrd. US-Dollar around. this means that slot machines make up two thirds of the total gross games from us casinos in las vegas. therefore, casino operators are currently working together on a new strategy to prepare for the future. how many places does that play Buzz word “digitization” A central role here too. Because in the future, the slot machines should be renovated, so to speak, by combining elements of modern video gaming with the game principle of gaming machines. So soon the luck will soon no longer decide whether a player wins or not, but also his skill plays a central role.

Authorities still with doubts

A lot has happened in the USA in relation to the gaming market in the United States. Because according to the latest case law, it will soon be able to open outside of Nevada Casinos – a big step for the country and also for industry, a new one opens up billion -dollar economic market. however, for fear of an increase in pathological gambling addiction, us authorities strive to give the industry a legal framework. in the course of this, the latest plans by the casino operators are already being discussed, Gaming und Gambling to link. how the authorities will encounter this project is currently not yet foreseeable, since advantages such as disadvantages are equally available. the fact is that the gambling industry and especially casinos in las vegas generate tax revenue in billions of billions every year, which neither the authorities nor states want to do without. however, many responsible also fear that the Connection of happiness and skill With gaming machines with players, the impression could arise that they actually had an impact on the outcome of the game. However, this will certainly not be the case, since casino operators such as machine developers will continue to ensure that the probability of winning is rather low for the player and depends on chance-otherwise there could never be talk of gambling.

Video gambling presents developers with technical challenges

As interesting as the new plans of the US happiness industry may be, in the end you need someone to implement these projects. And here are above all things Developer or programmer asked, which will probably come up with a lot of work in the future and from which a lot of innovative thinking will be demanded. because programming games in which chance does not only decide, but also skill on the game, are very difficult to program. the biggest challenge, as already indicated, is that gambling must not be completely gaming. in the end, the “house advantage” still has to be preserved, otherwise gambling could not be operated economically. such programs are possible. in the end, however, this means for the providers that at least at the beginning the Investment costs for the new gambling in the machine segment. in addition, it should not be forgotten that according to the law, a fixed distribution rate must be observed. as a rule, this is included with us slot machines 75 percent – another variable that developers have to implement in their programs. but all of these are technical problems that can be solved with the right use of time and money. there is currently another challenge. because now a large investment in video gambling is not yet worth it, since the classic slot machines are currently At the zenith of their economic profitability stand. In the majority of the oversupply of one-armed bandits and slot games, the innovative slot machines would currently go under-and would hardly be in demand in the mainly older vintages in the Vegas casinos. Developers and marketing therefore have a lot to do.