US casinos: Security through robots

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Peter Brandt 19. November 2021

Casinos in the United States use more robots to ensure more security. The software-based AI helpers should support security in the respective casinos in certain areas and can move autonomously depending on the area. With the use of the robots, the US gambling industry deepens its digital transformation in the security area.

The robots should not replace the security personnel of the casinos, but rather support them in their work. ((©Collin Armstrong/Unsplash)

Security in US casinos

Security in US casinos has always been an important topic-both in the gambling industry and in public. In the recent past, incidents have always occurred in individual establishments that caused a sensation among the population. So killed around October 1st, 2017 Estate in the Mandalay Bay Casino 58 people in Las Vegas from his hotel window and injured several hundred people.

Such and other “incidents” focus on the security precautions of the US casinos. For this reason, the operators are constantly looking to improve their security measures. In the era of digital transformation, software-based robots now seem to be the next progressive approach. The Graton Resort and Casino in California has already announced its To upgrade security with the autonomous AI helpers.

Digitales Fort Knox. Most casinos in the United States are the epitome of a digital fortress. Thanks to the latest surveillance and camera system, every angle of establishments can be viewed. In addition, the largest and most renowned US casinos have many other digital safety precautions. However, atrocities such as in the Mandalay Bay Casino and other scandalous incidents cannot be prevented solely by digital measures. Rather, an interaction from humans and machines is required.

K5 robot from KnightScope

In the future, the Graton Resort and Casino will be the K5 robot from the manufacturer “KnightScope” are used. The autonomous units are strongly reminiscent of the famous druids “R2-D2” from the Star Wars universe. The K5 robots do not have as many functions, but they should bring the level of safety to a higher level.

Their area of application includes the outer area of the property and the parking garages. The autonomous AI units are programmed so that they are on a certain route patrol in this area. In this regard, manufacturer KnightScope indicated that the K5 robots will strengthen the existing security teams of the Graton Resort and Casino and that the guests will be able to visit a safe and pleasant visit.

Extensive equipment. KnightScope has equipped its K5 series with several cameras that enable a 360-degree view. As a result, the robots are always able to scan their entire surroundings. In addition, the AI units have a thermal imaging camera that enables a clear view in the dark.

The K5 robots are aimed at ensuring law and order together with the security officers of the casinos. According to KnightScope, you can Communicate independently with the security center And make a autonomous in the event of any occurrences to report them. The joint educational and security work between humans and AI should enable faster assistance and have a de-escalating effect.

Digital helpers in the US gambling industry

The Graton Resort and Casino is not the first state-based casino in the United States that autonomous AI helper has brought into the security team. In June 2021, The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, also announced that it was with the help of robots to increase the security level in its own premises. Here too Knightscope was awarded the contract for order processing.

Knightscope. The security technology group was founded in April 2013 by William Santana Li and Stacy Dean Stephens in response to some tragic incidents in the United States: shootings in Sandy Hook, bombings from Boston and September 11. The company is based in Silicon Valley and, with the construction of autonomous security robots, pursues the mission to make the United States the safest country in the world.

According to industry and security experts, it will only be a matter of time until the most modern and largest casinos all rely on the digital helpers. However, these will still take some time to do the rooms of the casinos secure completely autonomously be able. According to the current state of technology, the robots are able to move only in some precisely defined areas.

In addition, any warning messages and events forwarded to human security servicethat then pursues the respective incidents. However, it is assumed that technological progress, the role of robots will grow over time over time.