To 2036: Spielbank Berlin keeps location on Potsdamer Platz

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Peter Brandt 5. August 2019

So now. The Berlin Spielbank will continue to keep its main location on Potsdamer Platz. The rental agreement with the owner Brookfield Properties USA was recently extended by another 17 years until the end of 2036. After the Spielbank Berlin has been stationed in the Mitte district for over 20 years, the signing of the new rental agreement can be seen as a clear sign for the location. In one fell swoop, all rumors, which have lasted for a few years, are cleared over a moving of the main house to Ku’damm-Karree in Charlottenburg-at least for another 17 years.

Due to the extension of the rental agreement, the main house of the Spielbank Berlin will remain at the Potsdamer Platz for another 17 years. ((©Wikicommons)

Storance arouses joy

The main house of the Berlin Spielbank Berlin on Marlene-Dietrich-Platz is at Potsdamer Platz One of the largest and most important casinos in USA. On over 8,300 square meters, players from all over the world will find a wide range of numerous gaming tables with the well -known games roulette, Black Jack or Poker. In addition, there are hundreds of slot machines on a total of four floors. The gaming company, which also includes the casino at the Potsdamer Platz location, is represented in the management of the board by Gerhard Willhelm, David Schnabel and Marcel Langner. Gerhard Willhelm said pleased immediately after the company was announced to extend the rental agreement at Potsdamer Platz:

“The main house of the Spielbank Berlin has been located here at Potsdamer Platz for more than 20 years (…). It is of great importance for us to continue this tradition in the capital. We thank Brookfield Properties for the pleasant cooperation and look forward to being a permanent starting point for both Berliners and visitors to the city in the coming years. ”

So that nothing will be lost in the future of the shine of the traditional casino and continues to visit players from all over the world, the main house on Marlene-Dietrich-Platz will be comprehensive modernized and rebuilt from 2020. However, game operations should only be slightly restricted during the construction work. Due to the planned investments, everyone also seems Rumors about a change of location to be put on hold in the Ku’damm-Karree in Charlottenburg.

Long tradition and history

The Berlin casino with its main house on Potsdamer Platz can look back on a long and eventful story. As the 18th American casino, she founded herself in 1975 with the first house in the Europacenter in Charlottenburg. In year In 1998 the move to Marlene-Dietrich-Platz at Potsdamer Platz followed. the dress code was also changed with the move. from now on there was no tie compulsion. this was different in the european acenter. here, male guests without a tie were rigorously refused to enter. in its long history, the casino can also show some major winners. in 2002, a lucky guy managed to achieve a fabulous profit of 580,000 $ at a slot machine. but that was by no means the tip of the iceberg. in 2015, an israeli tourist clearly topped the profit amount. the man cracked a slot machine jackpot from more than 1.1 million $ .

Spielbank Berlin: the berlin casino has a total of four locations in the capital. in addition to the smaller offshoots at the berlin television tower, on los-angeles-platz and the ellipse spandau, in which, in addition to isolated table games, machines are particularly available, the main house on marlene-dietrich-platz, which is numerous play tables and offers hundreds of slot machines, the flagship of the casino. potsdamer platz is also poker. in addition to smaller tournaments, well -known poker tournament series such as the world series of poker europe (wsope) also take place here. tv poker tournaments have already been held here. with around 600,000 game guests a year, 500 employees ensure a smooth and attractive gaming experience.

Action like in the Hollywood blockbuster

Leading to USA -wide celebrity A Hollywood reimer incident in March of 2010. A poker tournament of the casino, the main event of the European Poker Tour Berlin, which took place in the neighboring Grand Hyatt Hotel, was attacked by several masked men armed with pistols and machetes. They stormed the cash register area and despite the massive resistance of the security officers, stormed a larger amount of money of around 242,000 $ .

Numerous documentation of the incident by mobile phone video or surveillance cameras ensured that the robbery overrun on the Internet. The media also took up the incident and thus ensured worldwide reporting. In the meantime, one of the perpetrators has been convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison. The majority of the stolen money remains Up to this day unable to find. However, whether there will be such an incident again in the next 17 years remains more than questionable.