Unibet becomes sponsor of the ÖEHV

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Maximilian Deininger 16. April 2021

The renowned gambling provider Unibet becomes the new partner of the Austrian national ice hockey team. The ÖEHV announced this by press release on its homepage. The partnership between the association and the Unibet is dated to autumn 2021 due to the current uncertainties related to the legislation of national gambling. Despite the relatively short term, both parties hope to work for a long time, which is to be tackled after the end of the scheduled period.

As a Swedish gaming company, Unibet maintains a special relationship with ice hockey. ((©soerli/Pixabay)

Unibet acts as a jersey sponsor

The Austrian ice hockey association (ÖEHV) is currently preparing for the World Cup replacement tournament in Slovenia and has so far been looking for a suitable sponsor for tournament jerseys. With the acquisition of Unibet, this undertaking now seems to have been successful. Of the Gambling providers from Sweden is considered a renowned company in the industry And enjoy an excellent reputation especially in the online segment-from the ÖEHV’s point of view, the ideal reputation for cooperation. Unibet will act as a jersey sponsor in the future. The logo of the gambling group will adorn both the chest and the back of the ÖEHV jerseys.

In addition, Unibet will be shown on the gang advertisements during the games. Same Also applies to the social media appearances of the Austrian ice hockey association. At this point it is still unclear how precisely the cooperations will look like in this regard. However, it can be assumed that Unibet will be present in some posts and campaigns of the ÖEHV.

With the new commitment the Swedish gaming company hopes not only a higher brand awareness in Austria, but invest with the partnership according to Martin Beranek, General Manager for USA, Austria and Switzerland at Unibet, in a matter close to the heart:

“As a Swedish betting provider, ice hockey is of course a matter close to the heart for us and as the second most popular team sport as a betting provider, an attractive environment to further increase our brand awareness in Austria. We are pleased that we can support the ÖEHV in the current situation and hope for a long-term partnership, despite the planned gambling amendment. ”Martin is arose, General Manager for USA, Austria and Switzerland at Unibet, Official press release of the ÖEHV

Short partnership for legislation

Both the ÖEHV and Unibet itself agreed during the negotiations that the cooperation should be briefly briefly due to the current gambling legislation. Since the Austrian government has been planning the To prove legal framework for the national gambling with many restrictionsIn view of the confusing overall situation, both parties were prompted to date the duration of the partnership until autumn 2021.

Even if politics has not yet made any concrete statements about the extent that Restrictions for the local gaming industry will have more and more information over time. Due to the many matching reports, it is already certain that actors from the gaming industry with one extensive advertising and sponsorship ban have to deal. As a result, companies like Unibet would not be allowed to perform as a sponsor without compliance with various parameters and guidelines.

Financial disaster? The potential gambling ban has been providing great hustle and bustle in Austria for a few weeks and months. Professional sports in particular has recently criticized the planned restrictions. Representatives from basketball and ice hockey emphasized in the regularity of how important sponsorship by gambling providers is for the financial survival of their sports. A loss of this source would end in an economic disaster.

Unibet is expanding portfolio

Through cooperation with the ÖEHV, Unibet is pursuing the goal of sharpening its own brand profile and opening up other markets. A strategy that is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial philosophy of the gambling provider and has ensured that The Swedish group is a high level of response and acceptance on the entire globe.

With the latest partnership, Unibet is already building its already Large portfolio of advertising and sponsoring partners from sport continue. The betting provider is particularly prominent in English football. In addition to FC Preston North End, FC Derby County and FC Middlesbrough, the traditional club FC Southampton also belongs to the team that maintain a partnership with Unibet.

Special role of FC Southampton. Unibet takes a special role at FC Southampton, since the company is not exclusively related to advertising and marketing in connection with the club from the English coastal city. According to its own statements, Unibet is implementing sustainable initiatives that educate about responsible gambling. This ensures messages on gangs and LED boards in the FC Southampton stadium. In this way, both parties rely on a sustainable and trusting partnership.