UK limits online gambling

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Peter Brandt February 8, 2021

The British Gambling Commission (UKGC) wants to play in with new measures online Casinos Make safer on the domestic market. The planned restrictions are to be introduced on October 31, 2021 and mainly affect slots and machines on the net. As the authority reports on its own homepage, the restrictions would be based on a public survey in which players, industry representatives and other interest groups are said to have participated.

Operators of online casinos have to be prepared for considerable restrictions for the British gaming market. ((© Stevesawusch/Pixabay)

Focus on online slots

The new decisions of the British Gambling Commission (UKGC) are a bundle of strict measures that specifically focus on the online machine game on the local gaming market. The intention behind the restrictive regulatory measures is that the Protection of the players as well as strengthening control over personal game behavior. For this, among other things, the current speed speed of the individual Online slot machines customized. In addition, from October 31, 2021, the UKGC wants to issue a ban on functions that intentionally accelerate the game or celebrate losses as profits.

The feedback from the public, players and interest groups was an important factor in the decision -making process. Based on this, operators of online casinos will have to attach greater value to the protection of players in the future. With the restrictive regulatory measures, the Commission would like to achieve that gambling in the digital space runs. the Intensity of online casino games Be a central factor in this regard that players would lose control of their gambling activities. Based on these properties, the UKGC focused on the online slots.

Ukgc. The British Gambling Commission serves as a higher -level instance for the local gaming industry, which regulates and guarded all areas of the industry. At the same time, she acts as a point for politics, press and industry players. One of the main task areas of the authority refers to the license allocation for gambling providers.

What is prohibited?

In the course of the planned package of measures for the gaming market, the UKGC leads some overarching main areas that provide a complete ban. In this way, special attention is paid to the already listed game acceleration functions. These are no longer allowed to implement providers and software developers in the applications. This restriction also goes hand in hand with features that consumers Prefer a game control And so sustainably manipulate the game behavior. In this regard, the speed speed of the online slots must not fall below the 2.5 second mark.

Another central point of the restrictions should Auto-Play Being that is actually a conventional feature in the online gambling. Still sees The British Gambling Commission There is a need for action here and prohibits the function. This would help players lose track of their game behavior.

Acoustics and visual impressions are also part of the restriction plans. Here should primarily Sound effects and pictures are prohibited that convey the illusion of a profit. In its official execution, the UKGC refers to the actual return. In this way, it is to prevent payments that correspond to the use or even lie below that are presented as a profit.

Further changes planned. The catalog of restrictions provides for further changes for the online gambling in Great Britain. In this way, operators will be obliged to clearly and clearly display players their total losses or gains throughout the season. In addition, a high stone set per game round is introduced, which is 1.00 $ . The simultaneous playing on two or more slots is also prohibited. The same applies to progressive jackpot slots.

Effective restrictions?

Whether the new UKGC regulatory measures The desired success Bringing and actually reinforcing the protection of the players cannot be answered at this point. Nevertheless, the Commission is secure in its project and based its restrictive decisions on its own investigations and the feedback of the various parties.

Neil McArthur, Managing Director of the UKGC, sees itself and the Commission on the right track in view of the upcoming restrictions for the national online gambling. He refers to the facts and results that have promoted various studies:

“To make online casino games safer, we introduce a ban on functions that accelerate playing or incorrectly convey the feeling of control. In addition, the auto play and losses disguised as profits are prohibited. The speed for slots of more than 2.5 seconds is also part of our planned measures. We believe that the factual situation for online gambling is encouraging our project, since the greatest risk for customers in the individual areas. In our view, the restrictions are an important step that needs to be taken to make the gambling on the Internet more secure. If the situation changes at any time, we will react accordingly. ”Neil McArthur, Managing Director of the British Gambling Commission, Official statement of the UKGC