Is a third casino in the Principality of Liechtenstein planned?

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Lennart folder March 11, 2019

The Principality of Liechtenstein counts not even 40,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, there are already two large casinos in the inland state in Central Europe. If you believe the reports of the Liechtenstein online newspaper “Fatherland”, a third casino is in the starting blocks-or at least in planning. If you have the corresponding concessions, nothing stands in the way of a new building. But how many casinos does the principality tolerate and what is the goal behind it?

The small principality of Liechtenstein in Central Europe already has two casinos. Now a third casino is to be built.

The competition grows

With just 160 square kilometers, the Principality of Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest state in the earth. Half of the country consists of difficult to habitable Alpine region, which is why it is not surprising that the inland state in Central Europe only counts for just under 40,000 inhabitants. Although the residents’ density is really not particularly high, However, there are already two large casinos in the principality these days. These are:

  • The Casino Schaanwald in Mauren

According to a report by the Liechtenstein online newspaper “Vaterland”, the two extremely successful casinos could now get competition. In an interview, the managing director of Axalo Immobilien AG confirmed: “A building application was submitted for the customs status in the municipality of Schaan. It is currently being processed. ”Although the builders are not yet mentioned by name, the type of planned building is no longer a secret: A new casino is to be created. A piquant detail is that according to the marketing department of the Casino Schaanwald, the Casinos Austria group has nothing to do with the new building.

Conversely, this means that apparently new competition comes to the principality. However, those responsible for the Schaanwald casino reacted extremely calmly to a corresponding demand: “The presence of a third casino is an opportunity to stand out from competitors”, a person responsible for the casino announced. Spokesman for the Admiral casino also reacted calmly. One trusts in the “discretion of the legislator”.

Good to know: Gambling in the Principality of Liechtenstein: The Principality of Liechtenstein is very attractive for companies from the gambling industry. This is due to the low tax taxes. Depending on the amount, an obligation to pay between 17.5 percent and 40 percent applies. For comparison: Austria raises a constant tax rate of 30 percent on gross revenue. In Switzerland, the tax rate has even commuted between 40 percent and 80 percent since the 2018 Gaming Act.

Changing the law in 2010 paved the way for the casinos

But what does that do Principality of Liechtenstein So attractive for casinos? In addition to the favorable tax rates, the foundation stone lies in a change in the law from 2010. Until this change, and that since 1949, has been banned from gambling. Since 1846, however, practically no gambling in the principality has been practically practiced. The change and The liberalization of the gambling market for casinos and casinos followed. Anyone who met the requirements could make an application. The government awarded the first concession just eight months later.

In 2012, Casino Vaduzerhof AG initially received a gambling authorization, but soon found itself in a legal dispute with Admiral Casino AG. After five years, the court decided in favor of the Austrian casino operator. Just a short time later, In October 2017, the Casino Schaanwald settled in the principality. To date, both casinos have acted relatively independently in Liechtenstein and also do not shy away from national competition. This may also be due to the fact that both gambling destinations can be found more or less the same gambling offer: live tables, slot machines and Co.-players do not have to do without anything.

Gambling in Liechtenstein with special role – but the Internet complicated

Thanks to cheap tax rates, gambling providers in Liechtenstein enjoy a lucrative special positionthat can hardly be found elsewhere in Europe. Even the surrounding competition, which is definitely there, cannot harm the two light figures of the Liechtenstein gambling. By June 2018, both of them generated bundled gross revenue. The casinos near the state border with Switzerland in Pfäffikon, Bad Ragaz and St. Gallen or on the Austrian side in Bregenz and also in USA in Lindau and Constance can only be amazed.

Currently a kind of survival struggle on the Internet. Because according to the Gaming Act (Section 5, Article 63) The online gambling game are offered exclusively by casinos with state concession. But it has not yet existed. According to the national newspaper “Volksblatt”, the government only wants to strive for a lawyer if the liberalization of the gambling market in other countries such as Switzerland has been successful.