Transitional phase for guidelines

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Peter Brandt 26. October 2020

A transition phase applies to online gambling providers until the new State Treaty comes into force. This applies until July 2021. From then on, only the new Gaming State Treaty applies. The transition phase was decided by the governments of the individual federal states last month and enables the providers of online poker and online casino games to gradually approach the new guidelines.

The transition phase for gambling providers on the Internet until the new Gaming State Treaty came into force in July 2021 since last week. ((© Otheronlinecasinos /pixabay.com)

Providers of online poker platforms such as Partypoker, Unibet, 888 or PokerStars but also various online casinos are faced with numerous changes and new regulations, which you have to pass on as gently as possible. But not only the government officials, but also some representatives of the online gaming industry see the new regulations positively.

Clear restrictions on the offer of online casinos

The new regulations of the new Gaming State Treaty, which is valid from July 2021, will massively change the online gambling industry. With regard to the offer of online poker platforms, the multi-tabling, i.e. simultaneous playing at different tables, will no longer be possible in many players, but on conventional form, but on a maximum of four tables limited will. the new guidelines concern playing in online casinos much more. besides a monthly deposit limit of 1,000 $ The maximum game assignment per round per round is also throttled to one euro. So far, partly with up to 100 $ per roller rotation could be played. Also, every online casino licensed in USA is obliged to install a so-called “panic button”. If this is made by the player for high losses, for example, the player excludes any gambling activities with immediate effect for the next 24 hours. These requirements are checked, among other things, by a new blocking file in which each player is registered with an online gambling operator when registering.

Classic casino table games in the futureSo far, online casinos have scored primarily with their incredibly wide range compared to land-based casinos. In addition to a gigantic variety of slot machines, which mostly exceed the casinos, there was also a wide selection of live table games. This included, for example, various variants of poker, roulette or black jack. Land -based casinos are limited to a certain number of gaming tables for reasons of space alone. In the future, according to the new Gaming State Treaty, online casinos will no longer offer classic table games and slot machine games in parallel. The offer of online casinos is therefore significantly reduced by the live tables. In contrast, sports betting, online poker and slot machines are also on offer. At the current time, a return of the live tables appears rather unlikely. According to rumors of industry experts, however, it is quite possible that the state lottery companies could take over this area in the future. At the moment, this resulted in the fear that this creates an even stronger state gambling monopoly.

Industry representatives support the new gaming regulation

With the new Gaming State Treaty, the federal government is taking another step against illegal or non-licensed gambling on the Internet. The new Guidelines are therefore mandatory for all operators of online gamblingwho want to receive a license for the American online market. Nevertheless, the reactions from the industry to the new guidelines are almost consistently positive. For example, Shay Segev, CEO from GVC Holdings, commented on the changes in gambling regulation in a press release on the company website with confidence:

“The introduction of the intergovernmental contract and the transition phase brings long-awaited clarity into the future of online gambling regulation in USA. This development is to be welcomed, as is the greater security and detail that it offers for operation under the new licensing system. The creation of the same competitive conditions for responsible, licensed operators is ultimately good for American consumers, the group and the industry as a whole. This also strengthens our position as the most regulated and responsible operator in our industry. We look forward to building on our market -leading offer in USA and offering our customers the best gaming experiences under the new legal framework. ”Item Segev, CEO der GVC Holdings Press release on the official GVC Holdings website

Overall, a positive conclusion to be pulled. After all, the new competitive conditions for all reputable providers of online gambling, the reputation of the industry and especially for end customers will have a positive influence. It remains to be seen to what extent the problematic play behavior of some of the affected people is really effectively restricted.