Tornado victim: Donation of Tsoukernik

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Peter Brandt July 2, 2021

Leon Tsoukernik, CEO of the King’s Casinos Rozvadov, donates 20,000 $ for the victims of the tornado in the Czech Republic. On June 24, after initial gusts and persistent rains, huge wind pants formed, which devastated entire villages in southern Moravia. As a result, countless families lost their home, which prompted the boss of the local King’s Casino to offer his support.

As the largest European poker room, the King’s Casino in Rozvadov is aimed at a call for donations to its own community. ((©quinonesnaomy/Pixabay)


Natural disasters are rather a rarity in Europe. This applies especially to tornados. The shock in the Czech Republic is correspondingly deep in the face of the latest events. On Thursday, June 24th, after continuing storms, gigantic wind pants in southern Moravia reared up, the one Axle of destruction in the region left behind And even called six fatalities. According to the local weather service, the Tornado is said to have caused a 500 width and 26 -kilometer route of the devastation.

The entire infrastructure was badly affected, houses were destroyed and cars such as toys thrown through the air. And in the middle of it are people who do not know how to proceed. Numerous Existencies are at stake. Leon Tsoukernik also knows that. The CEO des King’s Casino is based with its establishment in Rozvadov, almost 400 kilometers away, and has promised its support in the form of 20,000 $ (around 500,000 Czech crowns) on the Facebook page of the gambling company. In the corresponding post it says:

“A devastating tornado and hailstorm met the region on Thursday evening, damaged and destroyed many houses, vehicles and trees. Many families still have to do without a roof over their heads. You need immediate help to rebuild your houses as soon as possible. Many still stay in emergency accommodation. “Leon Tsoukernik. Post of the official Facebook page of the King’s Casino

Appeal to poker community

Tsoukernik, himself the father of two children, is particularly important, according to media reports, that the families concerned quickly get the necessary help in the current crisis situation. In addition to its 20,000 $ , even more financial assistance should follow. So it has King’s Casino started a call for donationsthat is aimed at your own poker community. Since the location is considered the largest poker room in Europe, the group has a huge range, which should now benefit the tornado victims. For this, the company refers to the official donation account, which currently has a sum of around 7.3 million $ .

Call of donations from poker scene. The Czech poker professional Tomas Brokl, who appeals to his followers via the social network, also asks for support. On his birthday, according to the Czech industry media, he had expressed a single wish to his friends and fans. So these should donate to the victims of the tornado.

Cleaning up work

Before the financial support can be used for reconstruction, the destruction of the tornado must first be removed. Already The cleanup has been running for days. According to the American press agency (dpa) in action. They clear the cars thrown around by the hurricane, remove the rubble and debris, support walls and cover roofs with plastic tarpaulins.

Even volunteers from all over the country have traveled to the accident region to participate in the removal of the damage. However, cleaning up are becoming increasingly dangerous for the numerous helpers. the Rümmer similar to a mine field, which has different dangers. According to the dpa, more than 50 people had to be treated in the hospital because they had stepped on nails or were hit by falling beams.

The extent of the destruction of the Tornado recently showed the aerial photographs of the Czech authorities. A total of seven towns were Damaged more than 1,200 houses or even completely destroyed. The natural disaster focused particularly on the villages of Luzce, Hrusky, and Moravska Nova Ves.

Uncertain outcome. At the current time, it cannot be said exactly when the clean -up work can come to an end and the reconstruction can begin. The difficult conditions and the sheer extent of the destruction make a time calculation impossible. Jan Grolich, regional president of South Moravia, also held back in this direction with speculation, but put the property damage to many dozens of millions of $ . Whether the 16 million $ in instant aid, which have been assured by the Ministry of Regional Development and the sum from the donation account to cover the damage will be sufficient, may be doubted accordingly. Nevertheless, it remains a sincere gesture of King’s Casinos Rozvadov.