Tobias Duthweiler banished by poker platform from GGPoker

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Lennart folder 24. August 2020

After the exclusion of ggpoker, the American poker professional Tobias Duthweiler registered in the forum 2+2. Here Duthweiler defended himself against the allegations of Bumhunting and reported in the same way of his account barrier and the maintenance of around $ 130,000 by the online poker operator GGPoker. He now reacted in the person of Fedor Holz, in turn, brand ambassador at GGPoker. The violation of the guidelines of the Natural8 poker platform operated by GGPoker is justified. However, Duthweiler had been reimbursed his deposits in order to quickly bring the confrontation to an end in both sides.

The American poker professional was banished by the GGPoker poker platform. His case triggers many discussions. ((©gepharts3d/Pixabay)

American poker professional defends itself against the accusation of bumhunting

But what exactly had happened? The American poker professional Tobias Duthweiler is accused of registering with Natural8, a ggpoker skin, in 2016. So far so unspectacular. However, Duthweiler won more than $ 5,000 within a few days by supposedly forbidden bumhunting had applied. The American poker professional violated Natural8’s terms of use and was therefore blocked. In addition, double accounts are another reason for the complete exclusion of the American.

What is bumhunting? Bumhunting is an undesirable and forbidden game in the poker scene, but it is still repeatedly used by shady professional players to get quick money. Here, weaker opponents are selected in order to defeat them in the game. For example, other strong players are often rejected at heads-up tables and instead only duels with players who have already lost many duels.

In addition to defending against the accusation of bumhunting, Duthweiler also commented on the further accusations. According to Duthweiler, the double accounts in the ggpoker network are not intended, but rather created due to ignorance. He was not aware that Natural8 was also part of ggpoker. The American poker professional also had accounts with best poker and since early 2020 at Betkings. Both poker platforms are also part of ggpoker. When Betkings removed the high-stakes tables, he then registered with GGPoker. Duthweiler wrote in the forum 2+2:

“Again I was able to completely verify my account and had no problems paying a large amount ($ 50,000). I played on the account for a while and still lost. […] Finally, towards the end of May, I increased my bankroll from 30,000 to 180,000 within about a week and a half. ” – Tobias Duthweiler, American poker professional, Statement by Tobias Duthweiler in the forum 2+2

The American then became doom a guideline for real names at high-stakes tables. In the course of this, his information was checked again, which caused the double accounts to be blown up. That would be him by the way In an online casino without registration does not happen because you don’t have to provide any personal data there. The Duthweiler account was then blocked. His winnings earned were hereby invalid. However, Ggpoker Duthweiler reimbursed his made Deposits of $ 50,000. However, he also accused GGPoker in his statement that he would have always specified personal information in his registrations. For this reason, GGPoker should have recognized his existing lock before playing. Duthweiler should simply play in a land -based casino. There the operators should know the poker professional and could assign the right tables directly to him. USA offers enough places to play. If he doesn’t feel like dartba, he could also play in the states in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There he would have – Apart from the Trump Casino – enough selection.

GGPOKER draws position

Ggpoker’s brand ambassador Fedor Holz commented on Twitter And defended the non -directly lock of Tobias Duthweiler’s account. Since some personal information did not like that of the other accounts, the registration could not recognized directly by the system will. In addition, Fedor Holz again emphasized that the money that the American poker professional had taken from other players was not retained, but would be reimbursed to the affected players.

In a statement by the company, it was also said that the case was complicated because the GGnetwork security team had no access to personal information including email addresses. The safety recognition has primarily aimed at the detection of unauthorized persons to IPS and MAC addresses. However, the current case is at least helpful that the provider’s security system Now improved with regard to double accounts will. As a result, any security concerns of other customers should dissolve into air.