Tipico is dealing with Gannett

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Maximilian Deininger July 30, 2021

Tipico is dealing with Gannett

The American sports betting provider Tipico has received a deal with Gannett in the United States. The US media company is the largest newspaper chain in the country. According to the official press release, the economic cooperation between the two corporations includes a total financial participation of Tipico of a total of $ 90 million, which should flow into the budgeting of Gannett. Both parties hope that the cooperation will grow an economic growth and the consolidation of their position of power.

The merging of the planned products and services of both companies is expected to begin to start the new NFL season, which is planned for August. ((© Keithjj /Pixabay.com)

Euphoria in both parties

The signed media deal is based on Tipico exclusive sports betting provider Gannett. In doing so, the American bookmaker secures the enormous range of the US media group, which according to its own statement is more than 46 million people reached with its content. In addition to the “USA Today”, one of the most edited newspapers in the United States, Gannett is represented in around 46 states with its tens of local expenses. In the sports area, the group has long since established itself at the top with over 200 sports -related websites.

Both companies were euphoric in view of the upcoming cooperation. Michael Reed, CEO von Gannett, explained in the official press release of the media group that the deal den bring many advantages becomes:

“Our audience of more than 46 million sports fans longs for analyzes, betting information, odds and unique functions. With the cooperation with Tipico, we can fulfill the wishes of our users. Through its activities and product skills on the European market, Tipico has an incredible know -how from which our sports enthusiasts and local users can benefit. You now have the opportunity to deal with the games and sports that are important to you. ”Michael Reed, CEO von Gannett Official press release from Gannett

Similar praise hymns also sounded from the Tipico camp. Stephen Krombolz, Tipico Vice President of the U.S. Business Development and Strategy, addressed the new partner credibility and seriousness. At the same time, he focused on the New opportunities for the sports betting provider in the United States:

“This historical agreement with Gannett, one of the most trustworthy names in the global news, media and sport, will immediately give the US activities of Tipico additional credibility and trust. These values will serve us as the key factors of our North American marketing strategy and the awareness as well as the products of the Tipico brand increase millions of readers, spectators and listeners at Gannetts. ”Stephen Krombolz, Tipico Vice President of the U.S. Business Development and Strategy Official press release from Gannett

Extensive cooperation

The partnership of the two corporations is dated five yearsIn which Tipico is obliged to provide $ 90 million for media content. For this, the American bookmaker should call himself an exclusive sports betting and Igaming partner of Gannett. Accordingly, quotas, props, free games and betting trends from Tipico would be integrated in the entire US EDIAN network. In addition, sponsored articles, blog posts and columns are planned for Tipico. The announcement of events and other media content would also be on the agenda.

According to the official press release, Gannett has the right during the five -year contract period, up to To acquire 4,990 regular shares of Tipico’s US business. However, this minority stake comes into force only under certain conditions. Garnett also receives a recommendation fee for the mediation of new customers.

NFL season as a starting signal The planned media content for Tipico is to be made available from the kickoff of the new NFL season. Accordingly, Gannett will regularly provide content in various forms for all conceivable platforms from August. Ideally, Tipico should gain a wealth of new customers.

US market opens gambling

The media deal with Gannett illustrates the ambitions of Tipico, even more on the US sports betting market to operate. In view of the statutory liberalization, this is no longer surprising. Last year, the citizens in Maryland, South Dakota and Louisiana were able to vote on a change in the Gambling Act as part of the US presidential election. Since the voters mostly approved the legalization of the sports betting, they are now allowed in the respective states. It can be assumed that happiness will increase in other US states. the Saving the gaming market in the USA Last but not least, the local betting providers had increasing stock prices.

Partnership with betting providers Gannett is by no means the only media company in the United States that has been cooperated with a betting provider. It was only in May of this year that “Associated Press” received a deal with the bookmaker Fanduel. In contrast to the partnership between Gannett and Tipico, however, no financial details came to the public.