Threats against Daniel Negreanu

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Lennart folder 20. June 2023

Poker professional Daniel Negreanu was threatened multiple fun during the World Series of Poker 2023 (WSOP). This emerges from a report by the “Las Vegas Review Journal” and from the Pokerpros’ own reports, which he shared on social media.

During the current WSOP, Daniel Negreanu was threatened and blackmailed three times. ((©Chris Malinao Burgett/Unsplash)

Intermezzo mit Sara Palmer

For Daniel Negreanu, the WSOP 2023 currently marks a difficult phase privately. The Canadian poker professional was during the tournament several victims of threats and extortion attempts.

Of the First incident occurred with Sara Palmer – A well -known figure in the spectrum of conspiracy myths and opponents of vaccination. Palmer describes herself as a “conspiracy realist”, is a follower of the Flat-Earth movement And sees a large -scale plan in vaccinations to subjugate humanity.

Negreanu actually has nothing to do with Palmer, but they met During the WSOP in Las Vegas. When the poker professional inquired casually about her well -being, she replied that she was doing better before her accidental meeting. Negreanu does not make too much importance to the incident until the causa swing up on Twitter. Palmer reported on her impressions of the WSOP in a post and denounced Negreanu:

“Spent the first two hours at the WSOP. Everything looks great. But when I left the Paris Casino, I had the feeling that I was persecuted. What is not true to me, Daniel Negreanu, to need me like a stalker? […] “Sara Palmer, Conspiracy Official post on Twitter

In the response area of your tweet She widened her defamation campaign against Negreanu. So she not only accused the poker professional, but also accused him of vaccinating innocent babies while he was supposed to not look her in the face.

Experience attempt by call

The Causa around Sara Palmer should not be the only strange event around the WSOP for Daniel Negreanu. Just a few days later, the Canadian was blackmailed by an unknown person. By text and voice message and by call, the extortionist accused the poker professional of leaving his wife in Arizona gen Lake Havasu to to be secretly with his second family. Negreanu himself rejected the allegations and addressed the extortion with his fan base in his own vlog.

During the phone call, the blackmailer made it clear not to report anything about the events when he for his silence paid accordingly becomes. How much money the unknown person demanded did not address Negreanu, but he agreed with the attitude and the appearance of the extortionist a high threat factor.

Opinion. In the report of the “Las Vegas Review journal”, Negreanu tries to classify the things that have happened. So he explained that he had neither children nor a second family in Lake Havasu. He didn’t even know where the place is. He should have looked up.

FBI is investigating

The most recent attempted extortion should not have been the only incident of this kind. According to Negreanu, his personal assistant also received similar text and voice messages in the first days of the WSOP. Subsequently the poker player switched on the FBIwho have started the investigation.

Negreanus woman does not seem to be able to submit this protective measure. She recently suggested To set bodyguards during the WSOP, to prevent such threatening scenarios in the future. In fact, personal protection is not a rare phenomenon in the poker scene. Since the players sometimes win gigantic sums during a tournament and they are paid out in cash, they are a simple goal for raids.

Corona Als Ursache? Negreanu ran cause in his vlog and brought the effects of corona pandemic into play. In his assessment, we would now live in a society that is confronted with a psychological health crisis by Covid-19. Many people are doing badly. As a person who is in public, and due to his financial resources, he is a welcome goal of threats and blackmails.

Success makes it vulnerable

According to different poker sites, Negreanu is one of the Most popular and successful poker players of all time. In the “All Time Money List”, the Canadian is in third place with more than $ 46 million. He is a six-time bracelet winner of the WSOP and double title holder of the World Poker Tour.

This summary and the associated financial strength makes it not unlikely that Negreanu will be threatened by blackmailers. To what extent the Correct accusations and events of the truth, however, cannot be said exactly at the moment. Although the “Las Vegas Review Journal” has confirmed many things in the course of its research, the final information will bring the FBI report.