Is Las Vegas threatening a new Corona Lockdown?

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Peter Brandt 24. June 2020

According to the authorities and health experts, the US state of Nevada and the Strip in Las Vegas, which has just been opened again, are threatened with a second Corona Lockdown. It was only at the beginning of June that the casinos in the gambling metropolis had opened their doors again for guests under strict security and hygiene requirements. However, the number of Corona new places in Nevada is alarming. Nevada’s governor also warns of the current development in a press conference.

Is Las Vegas threatening a new Corona Lockdown shortly after the extensive opening? ((©12019/Pixabay)

Corona pandemic in the USA is far from being under control

Numerous health experts and the politically responsible in the US state of Nevada fear that a second Lockdown would significantly burden the economy, which was already massively struck due to the corona pandemic. Various media reports, such as the Reno Gazette Journal, report on shocking numbers of new infections. So last Tuesday alone Almost 380 new infections in Nevada have been registered. And that is only the confirmed number. This has been the highest infection rate so far since the first outbreak of Covid-19. The municipality of Clark County alone falls 342 cases. Since their administrative seat in Las Vegas is, the gaming metropolis also fears massively increasing numbers.

The current situation in the US state of Nevada. The United States of America are the most powerful of Covid-19 land. With (as of 18.06.20) more than 2.21 million confirmed infections and almost 120,000 deaths, the United States suffer massively from the coronavirus. The US state of Nevada has so far received 10,678 confirmed infections and 462 deaths. Similar to almost throughout the country, the Lockdown has hit Nevada’s economy in the heart. The LAS Vegas, which was specially designed for tourism, had to relieve thousands of employees due to the closure of the hotels and casinos. According to a report by the Las Vegas Sun, almost half a million people have submitted an application for unemployment benefit in the past three months. Since the beginning of June, the casinos have been able to receive guests again under strict hygiene regulations and security measures. A new lockdown due to strongly increasing Corona numbers would make the world-famous gaming metropolis with a massive challenge.

Where does the strong increase in new infections come from?

Of the significant increase in new infections In the US state of Nevada raises questions and also employs Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak. In a press conference held this week, Sisolak tried to critically classify the development. He indicated that the current protests and major events regarding the demonstrations against racism and police force under the slogan “Black Lives Matter” would certainly have their share in the increased risk of spreading the coronavirus.

However, this is not the only reason. In the meantime, the tests on Covid-19 are carried out in a larger number and an increased frequency, which is why more cases are automatically registered. The statistical increase is therefore based On several factors. Nevertheless, the governor was concerned about the continuing protests:

“While we continue with the tracking tracking, we will see whether this increase in certain cases is due to the fact that people have protected or have gone to another event (…). I don’t want everything to be in vain and that we have to take a big step back. ” – Steve Sisolak, Governor of the US state of Nevada, press conference

To what extent the pieces of reopens from hotels and casinos could have contributed to the significant increase in corona numbers the governor uncommented. They were closed in the past three months and were allowed to open their doors again from the beginning of June. As a prerequisite for reopening, however, the casinos at their entrances must measure each visitor on fever, gaming tables may only be filled with a lower number of players and plexiglass panes must be set up between machines and sitting at gaming tables.

Steve Sisolak also did not want to comment in the press conference whether the number of infection continues to increase Another Corona Lockdown In the US state of Nevada threatened. From an economic point of view, this would be catastrophic for the state and especially the most famous gambling paradise in the world.