Better game thanks to artificial intelligence?

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Lennart folder December 4, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) will affect almost all areas of human life. Numerous industries and economic sectors are affected, including online gambling. Companies are currently trying to find out how and to what extent AI can be used in their areas. We now look at the influence of the AI on the online gambling.

The fusion of man and machine does not stop at online casinos.

Lost more than 20 years ago The world -famous chess master Garry Kasparov against the IBM Computer Deep Blue. In six games, the Kasparov computer was able to defeat 3.5 to 2.5. This heralds a time in which artificial intelligence gradually became and becomes increasingly important in our society. The transformation of the AI also affects the gambling industry and online casinos.

How strongly the AI has developed since then can also be seen in the gambling industry. In January 2017 that Computer program Libratus, which is based on artificial intelligence, beat some of the best poker players in the world in the heads-up no limit hold’em poker. The opponents of the AI were:

  • Dong Kim
  • Daniel MacAulay
  • Jimmy Chou
  • Jason

On a sample size of 120,000 hands Balanced Convince with a win rate of 14.7 big blind/100 hands. This corresponds to a very high win rate in a meaningful sample size. But that is only the beginning of the influence of AI on gambling. The functionality of casinos will also change in the future.

Data analysis in casinos should increase sales

The elementary dot poses it Analysis of player behavior the. for years and decades, the habits of the players have been evaluated not only in online casinos, but also in stationary casinos. with club cards and loyalty programs in combination with computer -aided database systems, the casinos try to find out why customers choose certain games, change the game or stop playing. various trends can be identified using the data. for example, the casinos can conclude which elements of a game increase the popularity or how the arrangement of the tables in the hall influences the selection of players. the providers collect and analyze the data to bind players in the long term and maximize the profits. customers can do the Advantages of a more individual gaming experience or generous advertising offers enjoy.

To find AI supported online casinos more and more

the possibilities in online gambling are much higher. not only a low percentage of players who use customer loyalty programs and club cards can be analyzed, but all players. the activities of the customers of online casinos can be followed and analyzed based on their user accounts. in combination with a ai, this will New ways for both customers and for the providers paved. in the future, there will be even better user-friendliness, since as an online player you can virtually enter the casino. the inside of the online casino is tailored to the individual needs of each individual customer. the system knows the favorite games and also offers them easily accessible – with just one click. compared to a stationary casino, the online casino wins in the points Comfort, accessibility and familiarity.

Improved customer service thanks to AI

Artificial intelligence also affects customer service. Compared to the impersonal bots, which are currently used in a large part of the support teams, significantly better systems will be used in the future. The intelligent concierge will not only be more sophisticated in communication, but also very well with the Preferences of the customer know. due to the mass of collected data that the ai can process and use, the habits of the customer are known. In combination with customer communication, customer -oriented solutions are delivered faster, and these should also fix efficient problems due to the analysis. The advantages of chatbots in customer service are efficiently exploited.

AI can recognize gambling addiction

In the past few years this has been in the gambling industry Awareness of gambling addiction changes. the fight against gambling addiction is also better triggered by political measures and lobby groups. many casinos that actually earn in this problem also take part in the promotion of prevention measures and help players who have to deal with their addiction. however, it is of course better if the signs of gambling addiction are recognized earlier to initiate measures in good time. here the ai comes into play. Using the analysis of player -related data, AI can recognize problematic behavior and people with appropriate patternsin such cases, the casino is notified by the software, the user account is blocked and help can be offered before the player can be given a major problem with the addiction. in such cases, the casino is notified by the software, the user account is blocked and help can be offered before the player can be given a major problem with the addictionin such cases, the casino is notified by the software, the user account is blocked and help can be offered before the player can be given a major problem with the addiction.

AI for protection for casinos

not only the players can be protected by a properly used ai, but also the casino operators. the skills for data analysis and the independent learning of the ai can be used to find players who cheat. in contrast to stationary casinos, online casinos are more difficult to observe the actions of the players. numerous surveillance cameras and security personnel cannot be used for online players in the house. customers who play online can Programs for probability calculation or use your own ai bots to get an advantage over the casino. not only the casino, but also the players who adhere to the rules, would benefit if fraudsters are quickly recognized and the access is denied. we can expect something similar here to the Cat and mouse game of cyber security, in which hackers and defenders keep beating each other again and again.

Thanks to AI, gambling industry becomes more individual, safer and fairer

Thanks to technological progress, online casinos will continue to gain popularity. The games with live dealers alone are already a big step forward towards real feeling for the local online gamblers. we used to enjoy online poker tables with 16-bit graphics. today we can watch a human dealer to hand out the cards. apart from more realistic fidelity and an immersive gaming experience, online casinos are make quantum jumps in development through the use of artificial intelligence. this applies to both the provision of individual game surfaces and user -friendliness. at the same time, the operators will promote responsible use of gambling and customers. as a player, we can use it An individual, safe and fair gambling be happy.