The first Swiss online casinos start

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Peter Brandt 17. June 2019

On June 7th, the Federal Council in Switzerland granted the expansion of the existing concessions of the Spielbanken Baden, Davos, Lucerne and Pfäffikon for the online games. This means that legal gambling in online casinos can be offered in Switzerland from July 1st.

The Grand Casino Baden and three other Swiss casinos will soon also offer their games on the Internet. ((© Casinodavos)

Volume decision on the subject of online gambling

The population already in a referendum a year ago the new Geschielensgesetz in Switzerland accepted.. at that time, 72.9 percent of the voters voted “yes”, which corresponds to more than 1.3 million swiss. the number of voters is more than five million, which is why the participation was only around 34 percent. however, this does not play a major role, since a minimum participation is not intended. after the referendum, the government implemented the law. it has been in force since january 1st. this cleared the way for online casinos, because with the new law online money games are allowed.. In order to offer gambling online, concessions that are awarded by the state are necessary. For the licenses, however, only providers can based in Switzerland apply. cooperation with foreign companies to design online games is allowed. however, foreign providers of online casinos must not make their games accessible in switzerland. these are closed to players from switzerland and will continue to be. in this way, switzerland primarily wants to protect the players from fraudulent providers and on the other hand from gambling addiction. swiss providers must adhere to the guidelines accordingly. this includes, for example, that From the online gambling non-fellow organizations Like sports and cultural associations as well as age and support insurance (AHV) benefit. A flow of capital abroad should be prevented. The providers with a valid concession must pay taxes accordingly, regardless of whether they offer games in inpatient casinos or on the Internet.

Glücks game licenses for four casinos now also apply online

Before the new Gaming Act came into force, online casinos in Switzerland were illegal. as in USA, some speak of a “gray area”. there was no official license for the providers of online gambling in switzerland. due to the nationwide availability, it was easy for players from switzerland to participate in the online games. the steps of politics, To legalize and regulate online casinoswere therefore only logical. The restriction to local providers naturally means that well -known casinos in Switzerland have applied for the first games of chance on the Internet. After the examination by the Federal Spielbankenkommission (ESBK) First received four casinos green light.

The following casinos have received online licenses:

  • Grand Casino Baden
  • Casino Davos
  • Grand Casino Lucerne
  • Casino Pfäffikon in Freienbach

Advice points for the Swiss online casinos

After the recommendation of the Precedent the federal council also followed up and now issued the necessary online licenses for the above casinos. the grand casino baden has been available on the internet at jackpots.ch for a long time, but so far only offers free games, but with which you can also win vouchers for the inpatient casino. real money games will be offered from july 1st. due to the practice with the free games, customers are enabled to make a smooth transition. the casino davos will probably be available in the future – from july 1st – under the url casino777.ch. as a partner of casinos davos ag, the belgian ardent group, which has 20 years of experience in the field of gambling. for example, the ardent group operates the online casinos casino777.be and circus.be as well as the sports betting provider bet777.be. the belgian company is also responsible for the belgian pokerstars section. the operators therefore have sufficient expertise and the swiss can be on one Attractive online presence of the Casino Davos set to. the grand casino lucerne can be reached on mycasino.ch. according to its own statement, the offer should tailored to the wishes of Swiss customers be. The CEO of the Grand Casino Lucerne, Wolfgang Bliem, makes it clear in a statement:

“We want to offer our customers a unique, fair and safe gaming experience in Switzerland. We put high standards high standards on our offer. All of our online games are certified. As a licensed Swiss online casino, we guarantee fair conditions and immediate payments with high profits. And we also have our Switzerland customer service here. ”

Wolfgang Bliem sums up the arguments for a Swiss online casino. Players and players have every now and then concerns how good it is Payment and customer service works. having a direct person in the same country can be worth a lot. and once there is a problem, the swiss judiciary is responsible and no distant court in malta. the casino pfäffikon can be found online.swisscasinos.ch on the website. the gates in summer should open here. when exactly has not yet been announced. however, according to a decision by the federal council, the swiss online casinos Basically go online from July 1st, as the casinos Davos and Baden also communicated. It will be shown whether the Grand Casino Lucerne and the Casino Pfäffikon will also be ready. In any case, it would be a competitive disadvantage if the legal online casinos only open later.