The fight for the Canadian sports betting market

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Maximilian Deininger December 16, 2018

Compared to the European sports betting market, the legal requirements in Canada are much stricter. State lotteries and the ban on single bets make it difficult to access the Canadian market. Many politicians therefore call for liberalization based on the US model, but political hardliners do not want to change the gambling laws.

The Canadian parliament currently decides whether the sports betting market should be liberalized.

USA allow sports betting – follows Canada?

Gambling and thus also sports betting have been subject to strict legal control in the United States for decades. But this could change now. Because a few months ago the highest US court, the Supreme Court, decided that Americans Submit private sports betting on league games and also on horse races allowed to. this has actually been prohibited since 1992. the so-called „PASPA“ (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act“ For 16 years, sports betting in most US states has been banning. In mid-2018, however, the US constitutional court had lifted this law and thus opened the way for the liberalization of the sports betting market in the USA.

”The congress can regulate sports betting directly, but if it refrains from it, every state is free to act for itself. Our task is to interpret the law adopted by the congress and to decide whether it is constitutional. It’s not Paspa. “Samuel Atito, American constitutional judge

Reason for the cancellation of the law, according to which US states in the future itself Regulation of your sports betting market will be responsible, a lawsuit by the state of New Jersey. However, he has been trying to offer sports betting in the gambling metropolis Atlantic City for a long time, but was not able to do so due to Paspa.

So far, sports betting were only allowed in a few states, of course also in Nevada, and only under strict regulation. Experts estimate that 32 of the 50 US countries will legalize sports betting in the next few months. this would result in a new billion dollar market, from which the us economy should also benefit; this is supposed to create horrendous tax revenue and thousands of new jobs. and this is precisely the reason why politicians, trade unionists and co. in the neighboring country of canada look worried about the illustrious neighbor. similar to how it was the case in the usa for a long time, sports betting in canada is subject to state control. the Liberalization of the American gambling market Could mean another economic deficit towards the American economic power for the country with the maple leaf on the flag.

Canadians are calling for political repositioning on the sports betting market

if you want to bet on your favorite team in canada in football or in ice hockey, you don’t have it easy. because the sports betting offer falls under state control in the area in the area in terms of the second largest country and is also subject to some restrictions in detail. for example, no bets in canada may be submitted to individual games. only combination bets on different sports events are permitted. with these regulations you want in Canada primarily against game manipulations. for this reason, the large us sports associations were also advocated in the united states the ban on sports betting. the basketball league nba, the national football league nfl, and the major league baseball had long defended themselves against the legalization of sports betting because they feared an increase in criminal activities to sport and in general for the integrity of us sports. on the other hand, the ban on sports betting in the usa and canada was largely responsible for the booming sports betting black market. in the united states, amounts in billions of bills over illegal sports betting are said to have been generated annually. also to prevent such a development, many people of public life in canada now want to deal with sports betting and their regulation much more aggressively.

“I really don’t understand why this resistance is against not only creating jobs in our region, but throughout Canada.”Tracy Ramsey, NDP parliamentary member

In particular, David Cassidy, President of the Unifor Local 444 from Windsor in Ontario, Canada and also unionists, represents the interests of almost 5,000 Chrysler employees in Windsor, but also the employee of the Caesar Windsor Casinos. Cassidy is therefore particularly interested in the Canadian gambling. At a meeting with Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, he made it clear that opening the gaming market could create 150 new jobs in Windsor alone.

Canada contrary to tax revenue in billions

However, there are no jobs that the political representatives and unionists are currently motivating, one Basic realignment of the Canadian sports betting market to strive. in particular, the danger of remaining behind the progress of the us controller is generally regarded as an undesirable risk, especially since windsor is only a few kilometers away from michigan, where sports betting will soon be allowed. but the black market and the resulting sales in the billions of billions, which are pasted past the canadian tax authority every year, also broke down badly. although $ 450 million are implemented annually through state bookmakers, a much larger amount of $ 14 billion is passed past the state via non-regulated offers. at least this goes from the annual report of the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) out. another problem is seen in player protection. because as long as illegal gambling flourishes in canada, it should also be difficult to implement state systems against gambling addiction or funds For required specialist staff and treatment facilities to release. because to combat problems in an industry that, according to the law, does not exist officially and de facto is logically difficult. the fact that, despite these good reasons that speak for liberalization of the canadian sports betting market, it is not quite as easy to convince conservative politicians of a amendment to the law in 2016. with 156 to 133 votes Two years ago, the draft law for legalizing individual sports betting rejected. In 2019 there will be new elections in Canada. For lobbyists, the chances are good that sports betting in Canada can be offered legally and with significantly fewer restrictions from next year.