Telegram: Advertising for gambling

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Peter Brandt February 16, 2023

Since the end of last year, advertisers have been able to switch targeted ads on Telegram. However, the messenger service does not seem to be quite sure with which guidelines it should equip the new function. According to the Netztpolitik.org news portal, the gambling from group side is considered an unwanted advertising stay. Nevertheless, Telegram explicitly offers his advertising customers a section that aims at sports betting and gambling.

Advertisements that contain gambling content such as slot machines are officially considered undesirable on Telegram. ((©Carl Raw/Unsplash)

Costly advertising policy

In a detailed report, Netzpolitik.org dealt with Telegram’s advertising policy and took a close look at the new feature of the trade fair service. Since November 2020, interested advertisers have had the opportunity to advertise their content. With the implementation of this function, Telegram has not reinvented the bike in the industry, but the trade fair service is waiting With some unusual decisions on.

In general, the so -called “sponsed messages” only run on channels that were subscribed to by at least 1,000 users. So that it is certain that connected advertisements always experience a certain range and consumed by a certain number of people will. This basic principle is on the most platforms that allow advertisements, a common approach.

In terms of finance structure, however, Telegram follows a different approach. So the messenger service concerns one of its advertising customers Minimum advance payment of two million $ to ensure and maintain the high quality of the content. Half of the sum corresponds to a kind of deposit. This will be retained if the relevant advertisement ends the cooperation prematurely or less than ten million $ invested in his advertisements within the first twelve months. The financial structure around advertising policy is relatively expensive.

Telegram. The messenger service was founded by the two Russians Pawel and Nikolai Durow in 2013. According to their own statements, the two brothers had given the financing without investors. According to Forbes-Magazin Pawel Durow, there was always sufficient equity. With a net assets of around 15.1 billion $ , the Russian does not lack the necessary change. The investment in Telegram was worth it. The trade fair service counts over 500 million active users a month worldwide.

Gambling advertising: contradictory signals

According to Netzpolitik.org, advertising customers who bow to financial policy and advertise with their content on Telegram could customize their advertisement. Apart from a message that may consist of a maximum of 160 characters, there is the possibility to assign the “Sponsered Message” of a section. Currently, customers would have the choice from a total of 40 subject areas – is included The section “Betting and gambling”.

This is contradictory in that Telegram characterizes any advertising contents with a gambling context as undesirable. This would Local rules for gambling providers result inthat consider the messenger service as a potential advertising platform. In principle, the individual industry representatives would have the opportunity to switch advertisements, but basically should not address their target group directly.

Advertising guidelines. In his advertising guidelines, Telegram clearly formulates that any advertisements are not allowed to advertise for gambling activities that enable real money profits and goods and cash prizes. This applies to both analog and for Online gaming offers. The ban includes casinos, sports betting, lotteries and also fantasy sports.

Call from Telegram harmful?

According to their own statements, Pawel and Nikolai Durow had launched the messenger service in order to offer people an encrypted and safe platform for exchange. Telegram relies on the highest level of anonymity and there is no information about the user content to third parties further. Even states, authorities and other official institutions are denied access. On the one hand, this corporate philosophy promotes data protection and privacy. On the other hand, according to critics, Telegram shook hatred without restrictions, spread false information and fired radicalization. This makes the Message service Telegram is discredited And largely has a bad image.

Danger from Telegram. According to the documents of the WDR, NDR and the SZ, there are numerous channels that are uncontrolled hatred, agitation, racist and anti -Semitic content as well as conspiracy myths over corona and Islamist terrorist propaganda. A kind of black market has even formed over time. For example, users could buy drugs or fake vaccination passes through the messenger service.

As can be seen from the report by Netzpolitik.org, the advertising offer of the service for American -speaking customers is coming to little to no response. For gambling companies from the Federal Republic, the advertisement on Telegram is not worth it in two ways. The same applies to the Belgian market. There is currently increasing over a General advertising ban for gambling thought. The advertising policy is much too opaque for the gambling industry. At the same time, the trade fair service had a very difficult stand in USA, which would withdraw any basis for the costly investment.