Switzerland publishes blocking lists with over 100 foreign online casinos

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Peter Brandt 17. September 2019

The Federal Spielbankenkommission (ESBK) and the Lottery and Betting Commission (KOMLOT) published several blocking lists for online casinos a few days ago. These are illegal due to the new Swiss Geschiels Act in Switzerland. The implementation of the new guidelines is now consistently pursued. A total of over 100 websites of gaming providers are located on the barrier lists. Their access should be prevented immediately by the Swiss telecommunications service providers.

If you still have credit on one account with one of the online casinos affected by the lock, you should have it paid out immediately. ((© image source)

Final phase of the Swiss Geschiels Act

The publication of the blocking lists and the implementation of the blocking of the online casinos heard On the final phase of the implementation of the Swiss Game Act. the majority of this was decided in june of last year by means of a referendum. on january 1st of this year, the new game game act officially came into force. the entire swiss gaming market was turned upside down by the new regulations. the focus was particularly on Gambling on the Internet. swiss citizens should be almost impossible to play in foreign online casinos due to the massively intensified access options. in return, the new gaming act paves a total of 21 licensed casinos in the country to offer their gambling offer online. in the same train, electronic access barriers are intended to prevent access to other online casinos. since july 1st, they have been included without exception all providers of online gambling plays that have their company headquarters abroad. that These measures are also implemented unconditionally, the Federal Spielbankenkommission (ESBK) made it clear in June. An official blocking list should be released within the next few months, which will always be kept up to date in the future. These blocking lists are now published and present further action.

The website is blocked immediately

For a few days now, the official blocking lists can be viewed online at the ESBK. The actual blocking list comprises a total of 39 gambling websites that were classified as illegally. Among the names there are also some very well -known sizes from the gaming industry. Among other things, the websites of “Bet-AT-Home”, “Interwetten” or “Bet365” were also blocked. In addition, the lottery and betting commission “COMLOT” also publishes another list on which there are another 65 online casinos, which also fall under the access lock. Thus the Swiss authorities set With a total of over 100 blocked online casinos a real sign. most access locks for the affected online casinos are currently not yet set up and funds can also be paid in or accounts can be set up and managed. however, should the access locks are set up by Swiss telecommunications services these days. Once the websites have been blocked, credit can no longer be paid out. It is therefore advisable to empty and delete existing accounts and any existing credit immediately before the access barriers reach. Although objections to the network lock can be raised, the websites are initially blocked.

Foreign online casinos are not yet completely written off

So that your own name does not appear on the official blocking list and harms the image of the online casino, some foreign gambling providers had already been given before the blocking lists were published Your online offer for Switzerland withdrawn. as an interesting and possibly lucrative side effect, this step means that future collaborations with one of the 21 swiss casinos licensed for online gambling are possible. this fact could be very interesting for the large online poker portals in the industry. in the new swiss game act, it is anchored that if certain requirements are met, the licensed swiss casinos can offer their online poker offer via foreign platforms. as a prerequisite, however, the international partners must have a good reputation and on the other hand too at least be part of one of the blocking lists. in addition, their licensing must be issued by a country that is not listed on the official black list of the financial action task force on money lundering (fatf, “working group for financial measures against money laundering”). if these requirements are met, little stands in the way of a potential partnership. however, so far only four swiss casinos have noticed the opportunity to offer a license to offer their gambling offer online. belong to them:

  • Grand Casino Baden
  • Grand Casino Lucerne
  • Casino Davos
  • Casino Pfäffikon

The Grand Casino Baden was the first to release its own online casino at the address jackpots.ch in early July. In August, mycasino.ch was another online casino on the Swiss market. Although the current range of gambling on the Internet in Switzerland is massively restricted by the access locks, it can be assumed that In view of the online gambling market in the world And the possibility of cooperation with foreign partners under defined conditions will use significantly more casinos in the future.