Switzerland: More online casino opens

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Peter Brandt 25. November 2020

Despite strict guidelines for internet casinos, the overall seventh online casino in Switzerland recently appointed its online platform. For a few days now, the famous inpatient casino in Geneva, Swiss Geneva, has now also had its own online appearance, on which players from Switzerland can search for their luck with roulette, blackjack and other classic and modern casino games in order to get the big money blessing. The digital version of the “Casino du Lac Meyrin” from Geneva can be reached at pasino.ch. Of course, this is not, because in Switzerland it is only permitted to do licensed casinos to operate an online casino. With the latest online appearance, the total number of online casinos in Switzerland remains in the single-digit range. But this could change soon.

Swiss gamblers have been able to play in the country’s seventh online casino for a few days. ((©ThomasWolter/Pixabay)

Spielbank in Geneva follows the national casino competition

It wasn’t too long ago that The very first Swiss online casino via the World Wide Web for players from neighboring USA for the first time. It was only on July 5, 2019 that the degree Casino Baden was given permission to be able to offer games of chance online. On August 22, 2019, it was the popular Grand Casino Lucerne, which, as the second Swiss online casino, secured an entry in the history books.

After that, however, it did not take long for other large casinos from Switzerland to follow up and also tried for their own internet appearance, on which Swiss players could play in the country-based casino. After the Grand Casino Lucerne that was Swiss Casino Pfäffikon On September 2nd, 2019 the next Swiss casino with its own online platform, shortly afterwards, on September 9th of the year, the casino Davos followed.

Swiss money game law still very young. For a long time, online gambling in Switzerland was fundamentally prohibited. It was only at the beginning of 2019, directly on January 1st, the legal situation in Switzerland was modified for online gambling. With the Swiss Game Game Act, the Confederation has legalized online gambling law for the first time last year-but with restrictions. Because only the national Swiss casinos with a physical location and an official gaming concession is permitted to create an online casino. In total there are currently 21 licensed inpatient casinos in Switzerland, and only seven of them have now also developed an online gambling offer. With this, Switzerland is one of the less and fewer illiberal countries in Europe with regard to gambling legislation.

The reason why there was even legalization of online casinos in Switzerland was a problem that the country shared with many other European nations: The increasing spread of illegal gambling, especially over the Internet. Similar to For example, in USA there was also searching for opportunities in the fight against illegal gambling.

In the end, as in many other European nations, one came to the decision that a ban on online casinos is not as effective as one of which is at least to share Liberalization and legalization of online gambling. With the website of the Casino du Lac Meyrin SA and Concession by the Federal Spielbankenkommission ESBK another step has been taken in this direction.

Enormous gaming offer in the new online casino

Even if not everyone in Switzerland is by the development of the Swiss gaming market, especially on the Internet, is very important to note that the Casino du Lac Meyrin Exclusive claim also implemented on the online platform hat.

There are currently scarce on the website of the casino 60 individual slot machines available, also seven table games and almost 50 live casino events with real dealers-logical, because live casinos are particularly in demand and popular in Switzerland.

“For the casinos, the new Gaming Act brings a very significant innovation by lifting the ban on offering game banking online. The casinos now have the option of applying for an expansion of their concession in order to receive the authorization to offer game banking online online. In this context, the ESBK already made the preparations required for the examination before the law came into force and informed and oriented the casino operators accordingly. ”Dr. H. Bürgi, President of the Federal Spielbankenkommission, Annual report of the Federal Spielbankenkommission from 2019

Interesting for connoisseurs from the digital gaming industry may still be that several software developers are involved in the online appearance of the Geneva casino, whereby all larger names of the industry are combined here. While the Live casinos offered by Evolution Gaming the slot machines developed several manufacturers, including Netent, Rediger, Gaming1 and Isoftbet.