Sweden: Prison for betting fraud

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Maximilian Deininger December 3, 2021

The Swedish public prosecutor calls for tougher punishments in betting fraud and has reopened two old cases. According to reports from the public television company SVT, these would be negotiated again before an appellant and the content of Swedish professional football.

In the past two years, several professional football players in Sweden have been in court for suspected game manipulation and betting fraud. ((© Daniel Norin/Unspash)

Goalkeeper accepted bribes

The accumulation of the scandals in Sweden in recent years has sparked a national scandal, at the top of which two particularly prominent cases are. One of them goes back to Robin Armandt. The former goalkeeper of the Swedish third division club Kvarnby IK Solls Bribes in the amount of 44,500 seconds (4,362 $ ) Have accepted. The ex-professional footballer Vladimir Pasarikovski, who is said to have initiated fraud together with some “acquaintances”, is said to have been behind man and donor.

In six cases, Armandt intentionally contributed to the fact that his team loses the respective games. Pasarikovski and his followers would have put the corresponding games from various bookmakers. In total, an amount of 250,000 seconds (24,300 $ ) was placed on the team’s defeats.

At the first trial, the responsible district court in Malmö spoke guilty and imposed prison sentences for probation and additional fines. The public prosecutor’s office was already too low at the time. Now the second attempt should Harder punishments for the convicts entail.

No proportionality. In its application for an appeal, the state of the state states that the punished punishments lack any proportionality. They can be compared to moderate shop thefts. The betting fraud, on the other hand, is based on organized crime and cradles many times more difficult. It remains to be seen whether the district court in Malmö will change something in the appeal procedure.

First division professional deliberately collected yellow card

Especially A lot of media and public attention received the Betting fraud around Pawel Cibicki. The Swedish professional has been playing for Leeds United in the English Premier League since 2017. In 2019 he was borrowed from the Swedish first division club Elfsborg, for whom he ran for six months.

During his intermezzo at home, Cibicki is said to have deliberately provoked a yellow card against himself in the game against the Kalmar FF, which was held in May 2019. However, the allegation was not proven. The first hearing was only led on the basis of evidence. The Malmö district court in its summary at the time indicated that several betting customers have one Unusually high sum would have set this playing event exactly.

Customers would have opened new customers with several betting providers especially for this game. In addition, a amount of 300,000 seconds (approximately 29,000 $ ) is immediately two days after the game transferred to Cibicki’s account become.

Weak evidence. The Malmö district court assumed very likely game manipulation in the first hearing. This would indicate the indication. However, this is not sufficient. Accordingly, Cibicki was acquitted due to the lack of concrete evidence. The latter has repeatedly asserted his innocence and explained that the transfer was only a loan.

At the time, the public prosecutor’s office could not accept the judgment of the regional court in Malmö. Above all, the lawyers Staffan Edlund and Johan Lindmark had worked out to reopen this case again. The revision process before the Court of Appeal should now be one Guilt for Cibicki bring about.

Betting scandals in professional football

Scandals and chewing overshadow not only Swedish professional football. They are represented worldwide And have ensured public and media outrage in both younger and older past.

A incident that was not too far behind occurred in 2019. The British international Kieran Trippier During the summer transfer period from the Tottenham Hotspurs to the Spanish Association Atlético Madrid. still Before the official announcement The transfer had told trippier some of his friends about the upcoming change.

These used the internal information and placed a special bet With some bookmakers. However, the UEFA learned about the campaign. Since the transfer of such information violates the statues of the football association, Trippier was occupied with a lush fine and also blocked for some games.

Purchased championship. Probably the largest and most effective fraud scandal in modern professional football was public in early summer 2006. The focus was on the American top club Juventus Turin and its then manager Luciano Moggi. For years he had bribed referees, players and officials to secure two championship titles to his club. As part of the scandal, the Turin public prosecutor published extracts from the protocols of many thousands of phone calls from Moggi, in which he influenced, among other things, influencing referee settings and decisions.