Sweden: high level of sewer

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Peter Brandt 8. April 2023

In Sweden, gambling reform from 2019 inspired the legal offer of the licensees. This emerges from the analysis of the Swedish Office for Public Administration (Statskontoret), which examined the development of canalization in the local gaming sector from 2018 to 2023. The legal realignment in the Scandinavian country has resulted in a positive effect.

All gambling activities in licensed online casinos can be followed by the new gambling law. ((©Heather Gill/Unsplash)

Gambling law in Sweden

On January 1st, 2019, a new gambling law came into force in Sweden Multi -limited license system is based and offers maximum player protection. In principle, the new legal framework divided the Swedish gaming market into three different areas more than three years ago to generate more regulatory power and overview.

So there is a market area that everyone Gambling corporations with a valid license is open And mainly includes the digital segment. Non -profit organizations that primarily focus on lotteries and bingo are assigned to another area. The last market share includes terrestrial casinos and slot machines that are responsible for state control.

Since the introduction of the three -part license system, acceptance and use of the legal and licensed gaming offer have increased enormously. On behalf of the government from 2018 to 2023, the Office for Public Administration observed and examined the development of the gambling sector in a large -scale study. In addition to the degree of sewage, the main The focus on player and consumer protection .

Gambling monopoly. Before the introduction of the new gambling regulation, a state gambling monopoly in Sweden, which was implemented in the national legal framework in 1944. Due to the restrictive handling, the government wanted to contain gambling addiction, but there were no control mechanisms. For example, foreign online casinos were able to operate on the Swedish gaming market without a valid license.

High market share of the licensees

According to the test results of the State Office the sewage rate from 2018 to 2021 is less than 50 percent rose to around 87 percent. This development illustrates how successful and socially responsible the new gambling law is. The licensed gambling groups not only embody the highest level of seriousness and security through the control of the supervisory authority, but also pay taxes in Sweden, which in turn benefits from the domestic economy. For example, the licensees have to assign around 18 percent of their gross game yields to the state.

The Swedish gaming market was liberalized by the gambling reform and allows private providers from the industry, but the supervisory authority wakes up with an iron hand. This enables the government to Market and regulate market extensively. So the state is able To make demands on the licensees to remedy any grievances – For example in the areas of players protection, gambling advertising and game manipulation.

Strict guidelines. Gambling companies must have high standards in Sweden to receive an official license. For example, you are obliged to meet all the requirements of the player protection. This includes circumcisions in advertising and marketing activities. But even in the game itself, the licensees have to adhere to the measures of the new legal regulations. On your website, online casinos must clearly point out the addiction addiction and the national self-closing register called “Spelpaus.se”.

Player protection requires improvements

The new gambling law led to a higher sewage rate in Sweden, but the problematic gambling is not affected by the positive development. According to the Statskontoret, the legal reform was not able to Reduce the proportion of conspicuous players in the country. In 2018, around 1.3 percent of Swedish players showed a problematic pattern in their gambling activities. The value did not change three years later.

The stagnant promotion of player protection is an alarming signal from the perspective of the Statskontoret, which is completely Close clear weaknesses. It is correspondingly important to improve player protection and to promote even more. In particular, the current measures would have to be expanded or completely covered.

The Office for Public Administration did not reveal any concrete information on how player protection should be better positioned in Sweden in the future. For effective measures against gambling addiction and problematic gambling it requires further knowledgethat could be obtained in new analytical studies.

Protection of the player community. The gambling reform in Sweden is based on the promotion of player protection. The Scandinavian country is not alone in Europe. Many states on the continent have adapted their gambling legislation to modern conditions in recent years and, above all, have given the online segment with uniform rules of the game. In USA, for example, the State Treaty has been regulating the local market since July 2021. Just like in Sweden, the Federal Republic relies on a liberal concession system. A counter -example, on the other hand, is Austria and Switzerland that have installed a state gambling monopoly.