Supervisory Board President of Casinos Austria steps back

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Peter Brandt 3. August 2020

Walter Rothensteiner has almost legend status among industry connoisseurs. But now the Supervisory Board President of Casinos Austria AG (Casag) resigns. For many friends and colleagues, however, this decision is more than surprising. Because at least from the personal environment of the successful banker it was assured that there should have been no crises or tragedies in the private life of Rothensteiners that could have caused such a drastic step. This is probably why the assumptions and accusations are increasing, which associated the resignation of his office as president of the supervisory board with the most successful corporate corporations with the now much-quoted casinos Austria affair.

Politics and business, including gambling groups such as Casinos Austria AG, are closely interlinked in Austria. ((©LNLNLN/Pixabay)

Rothensteiner may be involved in casino affair

However, before the enforcement can be reported, the person concerned should take a position in advance. Because that Walter Rothensteiner in the Austrian Ministry of Finance In order to inform the responsible decision -makers about his resignation, the Austrian Kronen Zeitung, which this had recently published exclusively, is said to have a recent media report.

So far, however, this message has not been confirmed by Walter Rothensteiner or by the Austrian Ministry Short and narrow thanksgiving and farewell from the Ministry of Finance in the direction of Rothensteiner.

However, the fact that no Dementi can be heard at all suggests that the crown message should not only be a media duck. In the end, the assumptions once considered impossible and the top banker and head of the control committee of Casinos Austria AG in the Scandalous gambling deal around Peter Sidlo from the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) involved This would destroy the life’s work of the unprecedented and respected Rothensteiner in one fell swoop.

What is the Austrian gambling affair about? Gradually becoming increasingly far-reaching and more complex structures as well as illegal or at least dubious machinations, the actual trigger of the “casino affair” in Austria was the naming of the former FPÖ district councilor Peter Sidlo on the board of Casinos Austria-and that This was apparently underqualified for such a post. It is now known that the politician had bought his high -ranking seat by promising the gambling group with advantageous changes in the law.

Does the WKSTA have evidence?

So far, however, there are no proven facts, but only speculations that could ultimately be unjustified. In view of the fact that Walter Rothensteiner refuses to come into public since Walter Rothensteiner has refused since his supposed and voluntary office. That was true Member of the supervisory board since 1989 Never before as media shy.

In the meantime, it has become known where the Corpus Delicti could be found. Because the Austrian Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKSTA) does not only want to have any indications that Rothensteiner in the Scandal um peter sidlo has taken on an active role, and it should also be about suspicion of infidelity.

Can there be other reasons for the Rothensteiners’ resignation? Even if the crown is considered a reliable rapporteur, an error is not excluded. The Austrian radio (ÖRF) recently reported that Rothensteiner had already dealt well with its soon retirement well before the accusation of an involvement in the casino affair. After all, Walter Rothensteiner is now 67 years old. It seems inappropriate that Rothensteiner and Peter Sidlo have not had too good personal relationship. It is not plausible that the CEO Rothensteiner should therefore voluntarily open the doors to the executive floor of his company.

Although the presumption of innocence, unconfirmed reports according to HAF Walter Rothensteiner in the past Multiple transfer contracts of former board members of Casinos Austria AG signed by hand. The problem: the transfer contracts are said to have been significantly too high. Knowingly, Rothensteiner is said to have noticed, even if the head of the board of directors at least dismissed this accusation.

However this case should end, such negative headlines come for the Austrian gambling industry, very inconvenient, The industry had already before corona pandemic found in the middle of an economic existence. The now supposedly upcoming case of one of the figures in the industry could now Highlight of the gaming crisis in Austria represent.