Super Bowl Liv: Incredible betting sales

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Maximilian Deininger February 12, 2020

After private sports betting in the USA has now been legalized in many places, there were incredible sales in sports betting in the course of the Super Bowl Liv. Football fans in the Granite State, that is the nickname of the US state of New Hampshire, put more than $ 2.31 million on the 54th NFL final event in history on the past Super Bowl Sunday. This was the very first month in the history of the New Hampshire Lottery, in which sports betting was legally offered by this company.

As always, the super bowl was hot. This time, sports betting private providers celebrated the premiere in the US state of New Hampshire. ((© EileenLloh /pixabay.com)

Celebrate private sports betting at the Super Bowl Liv Premiere

According to a press release from last Monday, more than 34,800 registered users in the state of New Hampshire More than $ 20.8 million than betting on the Football final of the NFL set, which was held in the hard rock stadium in miami, florida. it was the first time that the lottery of the state offered mobile and online sports betting on december 30, 2019. the global sports technology and entertainment company based in boston was on november 25th last year as part of an official Tender procedure with a total of 13 applicants selected and may have since Offer digital sports betting exclusively.

“The Super Bowl was the perfect culmination to the first month of sports betting in New Hampshire. The $ 2.31 million in total Super Bowl wagers speaks directly to why I pushed so hard to get this up and running in time for the NFL playoffs. In just over one month, we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader and New England’s go-to destination for sports betting. Next up: March Madness.”

Legalization pays off economically

Sports betting generated in the premiere month away from the NFL final in the northeastern US state of New Hampshire one Net profit of just over $ 1.2 millionaccording to the official press release of the lottery. it goes after Charlie McIntyre, the managing director of the New Hampshire Lottery, will continue successfully in the future. The lottery boss, who had positive expectations, surprised even how positive sports betting was recorded by many customers, but did not consider this stipulation to be conceivable.

“When we started sports betting a little more than a month ago, we introduced our players a completely new way of winning. It didn’t take long for sports fans to be enthusiastic about the dynamics of sports betting here in the Granite State. We are very satisfied with the results of our first super bowl and our first month on sports betting and look forward to further expanding this success. ”

Since then the top legal authority in the USA Prohibition of sports betting have, have Currently 13 US states on offer legally regulated sports betting. an analysis that was carried out shortly before the 54th super bowl reveals the economic potential in the usa’s gaming market. based on a survey by the market research company Morning Consult estimated the American Gaming Association that Americans had used about $ 6.8 billion in the NFL championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, sports betting via the Internet would already be via private providers on February 2nd. Day of the last NFL final, was legal.

Draftkings also benefits

Recently it was known that too DraftKings exclusive rights for the sports betting marketing of this year’s super bows and had previously received a cooperation with the new hampshire lottery. draftkings is an american provider of fantasy sports competitions and bets at real sporting events. draftkings recently announced, another partnership with Twin River Worldwide Holdings to strive for sports fans in colorado to hand over sports betting online via mobile devices. in addition, it should be one Cooperation with Fanduel from New York give. If this partnership is also contractually stated, other US states could soon enable sports betting via the Internet. According to Draftkings, bets would also be accessible to sports fans in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and West Virginia.

“Coast to coast, DraftKings is committed to providing states across the country with the ultimate experience in legal sports betting.”