South Korean casino moves into the Jeju Dream Tower

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Peter Brandt 21. August 2020

The Jeju Dream Tower becomes complete by moving in a casino. The authorities finally gave the green light. Lotte Tour Development Co LTD, a South Korean company that operates casinos, was able to look forward to the good news of the authorities and will now finally move his casino from the city of Seogwipo in the Insel Province Jeju-Do in the new Jeju Dream Tower . By approving the South Korean authorities for the move of the casino, this will now double its size. However, only foreign visitors or foreign tourists are allowed to enter as a guest.

The Jeju Dream Tower finally receives its casino through the approval of the authorities. ((© Kim Kyung -bok/Pixabay)

Check committee gives the green light

The move of the casino to the new Jeju Dream Tower should actually take place earlier. However, the South Korean authorities have so far adorned themselves. Now the South Korean media reports finally took place Official approval. This was also relieved at the Lotte Tour Development company responsible for the Casino.

From a company’s point of view, the members of the review committee finally recognized the economic effects of the Jeju Dream Tower Resort, after all, more would be Foreign tourists attracted and created new jobs for people from the region will. The company said this in a comment on the decision of the authorities. Certainly the battered local economy also has through the Corona-Pandemie And the lack of tourists contributed to the decision.

Who is behind the Lotte Tour Development CO LTD? The South Korean company Lotte Tour Development CO LTD comes from the travel services segment and is successful in four areas. In addition to the Pre-Sale Agency area, which deals with the rental of real estate, Segment Reisen is the focus. Travel products such as package tours, themed trips, independent trips, honeymoon trips, golf free or cruises are offered. The third area deals with Internet information services. This includes hotel reservation services, the sale of flight tickets or other travel -related services. The fourth area is the operation of various casinos. One of them also includes the casino that is now transferred to the Jeju Dream Tower.

Jeju Dream Tower is complete with the casino

The casino is considered the last piece of the puzzle for the completion of the Jeju Dream Towers. The building was opened in the middle of 2016, but the official approval of the South Korean authorities for the arrival of the casino has so far been missing. The Lotte Tour Development company had guaranteed Jeju island that also in addition to the approximately 3,100 new jobs Annual amount of approx. 53.7 billion South Korean Won, the equivalent of around 38 million $ is paid to the island government. The development of tourism should be promoted with this money. According to the company, the region itself is also to be funded with an amount of 12 billion, the equivalent of around 8 million $ .

The casino in the Jeju Dream Tower in South Korea. In the middle of Jeju-Si, the capital of the island province of Jesus-Do, the Jeju Dream Tower Resort can be found. It is the only inner -city integrated resort in South Korea. The Jeju Dream Tower is finally completed with the new casino, which is set up throughout the second floor of the Tower. Foreign guests should be able to test their luck here at a total of 190 gaming tables and 420 slot machines. The high number of gaming tables in particular should give tourists a unique gaming experience.

As a further incentive for foreign tourists, a Hotel Group with around 1,600 rooms is to be opened in the Jeju Dream Tower. There are also various restaurants and a shopping center. The Jeju Dream Tower Resort should be one Central starting point for the struck tourism in South Korea and especially the region. The economic factor, which was massively affected by the Corona pandemic, is also supported by the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which recently passed 29 billion We, the equivalent of around 20 million $ , for a funding program for the tourism industry.