Study: reasons for gambling

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Peter Brandt 20. September 2021

In a study, the opinion research institute YouGov examined the motivation for online gambling. From March to April, 17,300 people aged 18 and over were asked why they play in digital casinos and on other gambling platforms on the Internet. The study included around 13 countries and shows, among other things, that the focus is on a large part of the player community.

Apart from the fun factor, many of the people interviewed motivates the dream of gaining great profit to play online. ((© Sophia Müller/Unsplash)

Fun factor in the foreground

YouGov’s representative study dealt with two central questions: For what reasons do the test subjects play gambling online and what games are preferred? For broad and meaningful results, the British opinion research institute interviewed more than 17,000 people from 13 countries, all of whom Online gambling game operate or have already come into . The results of the study are said to be a deeper understanding of the still young phenomenon of digital gambling as well as more Create transparency for the industry.

YouGov. The British opinion research institute was founded in 2000 and is now a listed group with some well -known shareholders. Yougov works internationally and mainly with online panel surveys in which the test subjects and participants are paid with money. The generated data from the studies are adapted to the respective population structure by weighting.

Around 41 percent of the people surveyed stated that for entertainment purposes or as a pastime to play in online casinos. This attitude is particularly widespread in English -language regions. Almost half (49 percent) of the test subjects from Great Britain see the online gambling primarily as an entertainment body. Close by the United States and Australia, each with 48 percent.

At the top of the most fun games ranked Poker, that of around 61 percent of those surveyed as Favored gambling viewed becomes. This is followed by online sports bets with 57 percent and slot machines with 53 percent. The new e-sport was also part of the possible categories and was checked by 55 percent of those surveyed as the most popular and fun play form.

The big money

Nevertheless, for most subjects in the study, the focus of the fun in online gambling is also the focus, money gains and wealth are also for many of the respondents to play in online casinos. The dream, through a high money gain Financially provided for the rest of the life According to the results of the survey, it predominates, especially among the lottery players (42 percent) and for buyers of Losen (40 percent).

As YouGov indicates in the result summary, around a third of the test subjects are based on a financially careful life or fast money gains that can generally enable some areas of gambling. However, the British opinion research institute relativized the information from the participants and put the data collected in an overall context. Only eleven percent of the respondents would pursue the intention of using the online gambling with the help of the online gambling to increase permanently and reliably.

Additional reasons. Around 18 percent of the subjects play in online casinos to acquire more knowledge and know-how about the individual forms of gambling. The social exchange with the family and acquaintances about gambling, on the other hand, is in the foreground at twelve percent.

Reasons against the online gambling game

Yougov not only examined the reasons why online gambling is so attractive, but also wanted to know what aspects speak against digital gaming. In this part of the study, around 28 percent of those surveyed stated no specific reason and abstained. In a further 24 percent, on the other hand, skepticism prevails that the Probability of a money profit is simply too low is. Personal financial resources also play an important role. 22 percent of the subjects do not have enough money to play in online casinos.

There were also general rejection among the respondents. At 16 percent contradicts the online gambling against your own principles, with eleven percent seeing moral reprehensibility. Another eleven percent fear germination of a gambling addiction as soon as they play in online casinos. All the more important would be one uniform EU regulation to protect the players. According to the opinion research institute, these contrary results would show that a certain part of the population does not combine the online gambling with fun, but with fears and worries.

Development of the online gambling. YouGov’s study illustrates how strongly the opinion of the online gambling in the global community diverge. More and more people come into with the industry. This is not least due to the liberalization, which receives its way into many markets and legalizes digital gambling under certain prerequisites. For example, in USA and many countries in Europe, it is allowed to play in licensed and certified online casinos. Furthermore, the corona pandemic has contributed to the fact that The best online gambling providers has experienced an enormous influx. During the Lockdown, many people discovered the industry for themselves.