The development of the slot machines

The history of the slot machines begins in 1887 when Charles August Fey, an American mechanical engineer with American origin, the first one-armed bandit called „Liberty Bell“ has developed. You can still see the original in a restaurant in Nevada today. This machine has compared to the modern Online slot machines An extremely simple game principle. It consists of three reels, which accommodate the cardiac symbols heart, pik, caro, horseshoe, diamonds and the Liberty Bell freedom bell. Special feature of this invention was the fact that this device was able to pay real money. Three freedom bells only had to appear so that the player could achieve the maximum profit of approx. $ 3.

Four years later, the New York Sittman and Pitt developed another slot machine. He had a total of five reels with printed card symbols. The aim of the game was to achieve the best possible poker hand from five cards, just like in the modern video Poker game. In contrast to the slot machine “Liberty Bell” The first poker machine No money, instead the player had the opportunity to win cigars or beer in the respective pub. In order to improve the house advantage, the maps were already removed at that time. In addition, the operators were able to manipulate the game by removing wide cards.

A few years after the turn of the century, the series production of the slot machine invented by Herbert Mills began „Operator Bell“. In 1908 he was found in numerous pubs, tobacco shops and saloons. A few years later, slot machines were banned. However, since they were already very popular, slot machines have decided to manufacture the so -called fruit machines from the existing ATMs. Instead of money, the players were able to win chewing gum with the respective fruit taste. That is why there are still so many slot machines with fruit symbols such as cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes and plums. The bar symbol was the company sign of the chewing gum manufacturer Bell-Fruit Company.

The first electromechanical slot machine on the market is known as “Money Honey”. It was developed in 1963 by the US company Bally Manufacturing Corporation. Although he was operated electronically, he still had a lever because the players were already used to starting the game like this. „Money Honey“ Could pay up to 500 coins at once. This slot machine serves as the predecessor of today’s slot machines. Since 1980, the electromechanical slot machines have been replaced with electronic gaming equipment. the Manufacturer Also introduced random generators to ensure the random game results.

In 1994 was The first online gambling software Developed and thus started a new era for the slot machines industry. Today there are numerous online game developers and casino sites like that of 888casinoswhere you can try different slot machines at any time. A large part of the slot machines offered form the classic fruit machines. But there are also many other categories of slot machines such as multi-lines slots, progressive jackpot slots, 3D slots and franchise slots. They inspire with great graphics, authentic sound effects and additional free spins. Most slot machines also offer risk features such as card games or risk managers. In this way, players can double or lose their profit, which of course is even more fun. For several years now, more and more slot machines have even been playable on their cell phones and tablets. Mobile Gambling So far, is the last stage of the development of the slot machines. The new technologies enable us to access everywhere Mobile slot machines to have.

Slot machine history
  • 1887“Liberty Bell”
  • 1891“Poker-Automat”
  • 1908“OperatorBell”
  • 1963“Money Honey slot machine”
  • 1994First casino software
  • 2010First mobile casino app

Automats collections

The machine industry can look back on a rich history and it is no wonder that there are so many machines worldwide. In USA is the largest slot machine collection at Benkhausen Castle in Espelkamp. The Automaten Museum of the “American King of Slot machines” Paul Gauselmann is housed there. The collection not only includes gambling and slot machines, but also machines and service machines, entertainment machines, mechanical music machines, skill games, needle games, bombers and pinball. In 2007, the Museum acquired 650 machines from the collection of Jean-Claude Baudot. Today Gauselmann has over 1,800 machines, with a total of 200 exhibits being presented in the American Automatic Museum (DAM). They were developed from 1880 to 1980 and offer you the opportunity to take a full look at the history of the slot machines.

American Museum of Automa Museum Gauselmann (at Benkhausen Castle)
  • #Schlossaallee 1 (Neustadtstraße 40) 32339 Espelkamp
  • opening hours9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Homepage:http://www.Americans-automatenmuseum.de

The Nevada Gambling Museum is located in Virginia City. There you can see over 100 slot machines that were invented between 1800 and 1900. The value of this collection is estimated at about half a million dollars. In addition to the gaming devices, four life-size statues of famous Western heroes can also be seen here, in whose bellies slot machines were installed. An exhibition in the Nevada Gambling Museum is dedicated to the inventor of the slot machine, Charles Fey.

Automatic collections are not only available in Europe and the United States. In Asahi, 100 kilometers from Tokyo, you can visit the Pachinko Museum. The game Pachinko is a mixture of pinball and slot machine, which was invented in 1930. The player shoots balls into the machine and tries to get them into small openings through a labyrinth. As soon as this succeeds, an electronic slot machine is activated and the player gets the opportunity to get three of the same symbols a jackpot to win.

The so-called arcade games also form an important part of the slot machine industry. The Museum of Soviet slot machines is located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There, about 50 different machines are completely restored so that they work with the old Soviet coins (Copekes). The best known games from this age include “Seekampf”, “Tankodrom”, “Sneiper”, “Gorodki”, “Skatchki” as well as Soviet Flipper Play tables and ice hockey games.

One of the most famous fans of the Arcade games was undoubtedly Michael Jackson. The Arcade game “Michael Jackson`s Moonwalker” is based on his film Moonwalker. The King of Pop himself had a large collecting machine collection.

frequently asked Questions

You have read into the history of the slot machines, but still some questions? Then my detailed FAQ area will surely be able to help you. There have been many questions from you that I answered below.

Why do you play slot machines at all?

In the History of the slot machines There are some concise events that have contributed significantly to the development of the online slots. In 1887 it all started with the one -armed bandit and so it went on and further forward. Why are we playing? I think everyone has their own reasons for that.

Where can you find the best online casinos 2021 for American players?

So that you don’t have to search long, you can find them on my side best online casinos 2021 For players in USA. The operators not only have a diverse selection of games, but also offer you an attractive welcome bonus and many other actions.

How is playing machines and slots played?

The land -based slot machines differ in some points from the Online Slots. But the game principle is the same. You have to deposit money before you can get started. Then you choose the game and your seed limits. Either you start every round of yourself or set it so that the rollers automatically turn on.

Does the course of the game differ between online games and land -based slot machines?

There are no great differences. But you can often do a lot with the online slot machines Higher missions Determine what is particularly interesting for the high rollers among you. Furthermore, the slots in the online casinos are often equipped with special bonus functions and cool features.