Sports betting in the USA

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Maximilian Deininger January 11, 2019

So far, it was not allowed in the United States to hand over sports betting – with the exception of Nevada and Las Vegas. However, the Supreme Court in the USA decided to lift this ban. The states can now freely decide whether they want to legalize sports betting. This results in new, massive sources of income for the states, but above all for betting providers. In connection with the Fantasy Sports market, a billion dollar market opens for the providers.

Sport is part of everyday life in the United States and offers sports betting providers a huge market.

Large market for sports betting

The United States has over 325 million inhabitants and sport is inseparable from the culture of the Americans. This runs through all sports and all age groups from college to the professionals. According to Studie der American Gaming Association the volume of unregulated sports betting in the united states is estimated at $ 150 billion. this is not surprising if you look at the great social status of sport. die most popular sports in the United States Are the “Big Four”:

  • Football (NFL)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Eishockey (NHL)

After a decision by the Supreme Courts in 2018 Sports betting in the United States allowed. a complaint from the state of new jersey has preceded the judgment. there, the sports betting in the second gambling stronghold of the united states, atlantic city, had to be accessible and thus socially acceptable. in future, the judgment enables the states to decide on the commercial access to sports betting on their own. so far it has been allowed in nevada, oregon, delaware and montana. more will follow. experts expect at least 32 states in which sports betting are legalized by 2025. of course, beneficiaries are also the states, since they are involved in the sales of sports betting through tax revenue.

Rosy prospects for betting providers and business?

In USA, the legalization of the boom’s sports betting was reinforced. Especially in football broadcasts, commercials and overlaps of many betting providers such as Tipico, who is even an official partner of the Bundesliga, can be seen. In addition, many clubs are sponsored by betting providers. the lucrative sponsorship contracts rinse a not inconsiderable share of money in the coffers of the clubs. in the united states, the big betting providers and the providers of daily fantasy sports such as fan duel or draft kings will benefit. you can now legally combine your offer with sports betting via the internet. since they already Several million customers if this, this will probably have billions of bills. but of course the clubs can also benefit from the additional money. with the exception of england, the betting providers are partners and sponsors of the clubs. this could also be established in the united states after the legal requirements for this are created. it is not yet foreseeable which european betting providers will benefit from this change in the american sports betting market. for many european bookmakers, however, there should already be a elaborated plan for jumping over the large pond in the starting blocks. the sports betting market is simply too big and lucrative for many providers and companies so as not to want to participate in it. for example, the well -known online casino william hill has already settled in new jersey and built a acceptance point for sports betting. many more Top online Casinos, which also offer sports betting, their infrastructure in the USA will certainly expand due to the cheap market situation.

No uniform solution

However, the judgment of the Supreme Court does not provide for a uniform solution for the entire United States of America as it With the legal online casinos is the case in USA. the law leaves the state state sovereignty. this will suffer from profit teams that play games beyond state borders, but for which the regulation in sponsorship is not clear. furthermore, those users who live in countries in which sports betting are not yet commercially operated are disadvantaged. these users will look for alternatives – the states in turn escape in the course of massive additional income to taxes. the developments on the us sports betting market will remain exciting in the near future. distribution struggles for the right of the betting and the determination of regulations and tax rates will accompany the legalization of sports betting in the united states. the only thing that is certain is that Massive sales increases for the associations, the states and primarily for the betting providers To seem to seem.