Sport1 with sports betting offer

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Maximilian Deininger 12. August 2023

The SPORT1 media brand is planning to start the betting industry with its own sports betting offer. According to DAZN and Axel Springer Verlag, Sport1 is the next media company that will work with its own betting platform on the American market. However, the sports broadcaster does not take this step alone, but cooperates with the internal marketer Magic Sports Media and the sports betting service provider Better Collective.

Better Collective will provide various data and statistics with his know -how (©Scott Graham /Unsplash.com)

Long -term partnership with Better Collective

As Sport1 Medien AG announced by press announcement, the cooperation with Better Collective plays a central role in the course of engagement on the American sports betting market. The area of responsibility of the Danish software group includes the Provision of interesting contentthat should meet both informative purposes as well as future customers as orientation aid.

Better Collective The world’s leading media group for sports betting is based in Copenhagen. The company collects and analyzes various content, data and statistics in the sports betting area.

The long -term partnership will Run under the co-branding of “bettbasis.com” – a platform by Better Collective. Noisy a press release from the broadcaster Sport1 This solution is to offer the best possible weather experience to the around nine million sports1.de users every month.

Matthias Kirschenhofer, Managing Director of Sport1, looks at the commitment at the local sports betting market euphorically and is looking forward to working with Better Collective:

“With Better Collective, we go a completely new way of working in the field of sports betting. Together we open up a rapidly growing and economical interesting market. With our new offer we will provide sports betting fans attractive content. ”Dr. Matthias Kirschenhofer, Managing Director of Sport1 Official press release from Sport1 Medien AG

Launch im August

Sport1 could not have chosen the time of announcing its own sports betting offer on the American market. Just in time for the start of the new Bundesliga season the media company announced the cooperation with better collective and thus the planned commitment in the betting area. so “bettbasis.com” should be launched this month. football is undisputed the most popular sport in USA. the timing of the announcement may have been chosen accordingly. sport1 seems to want to address as many competition fans as possible with their own offer in the starting block. the hype about the bundesliga start and football in general are there Probable means for customer acquisition.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that Jesper Søgaard, CEO and co-founder from Better Collective, explicitly mentioned the Bundesliga in his statement as part of the cooperation announcement. He is happy to work with Sport1 and provide appealing and exciting content for the Bundesliga season. Contemporaneous He was already taking a look into the future And called out the World Cup in Qatar, which starts in November, the first major matriculation examination.

Football World Cup 2023 The big football tournaments at international level are extremely important for the various betting providers. During the events, significantly more bets are completed, which screws the sales into the height. Sometimes the bookmakers take more through a tournament than throughout the year. The upcoming World Cup in Qatar is also important. Despite the persistent criticism, sports betting providers expect horrendous sales worldwide.

Image and dazn as a competition

Sport1 is not the first media company to organize its own sports betting offer. With picture and dazn, two other industry players are represented on the market, with DAZN just like Sport1 this month With his project “Dazn Bet” want to start. For this, the live sports streaming provider has collected a cooperation with the gaming company “Pragmatic Play”.

The entry from DAZN to the betting industry was only a matter of time for observers and experts. At least since the Appointment of Shay Segev to CEO It was clear that the streaming provider would soon come up with its own betting offer. Segev has a lot of experience in the gambling sector. Among other things, he directed the fortunes at the market leader Bwin, which last year Partnership received with the UEFA is.

Market entry in USA? It is not yet quite apparent how the market entry of “DAZN BET” will look concrete. So far it is officially known that the offer should only be limited to regulated markets. This also includes USA, but so far, according to official information, has not yet tried to a corresponding license.

In contrast, picture is already active on the American market. The Boulevard newspaper has been offering sports betting on the Internet under the “Bildbet” brand since 2020. The offer was built together with the operator “Betvictor”, who looks back on many years of experience in the industry and has a sports betting license, which is classified as legitimate by the new State Treaty.